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( West ) Virginia, Berkeley Co

( West ) Virginia, Berkely Co

( West) Virginia, Berkeley Co., Martinsburg

( West) Virginia, Berkeley Co

(W.) Virginia, Berkeley Co

(West) Virginia, Berkeley Co

? Alabama

? Georgia





000, CA $32, Bought 1st home - Spring Valley

000, CA $89, Built 3rd home-Vista

1/16 Indian

1/2 Cherokee Indian

1/4 Cherokee Indian

1/8 Indian

10 days, 1 month, Died at age 3 years

114 th Ohio Infantry, Co. E, Civil War


18th Cavalry, 163rd Regiment, Company A, Civil War

1901 17223

1905 because of poverty, Admitted to Preble Co. Infirmary April 21

1978-USMC 1983-US Navy

1st Lt

1st Marriage

2nd Lt Co B. Mounted Ar Vols

2nd Marriage

3 miles south of Clarksburg, Buried in Brown's Chapel

3/4 or full-blood Cherokee

3260 514 R


3rd Marriage


500, CA $39, Bought 2nd home-Watsonville

550 14 2598

550 14 6113

560 18 4209

563 10 2925



5th Alabama Cavalry Co. D

5th child died in infancy

7053 15082

7053 17192

7053 2538


950, CA $225, Bought 4th home-Oakley

A, Miller County

Abell was alive in 1717 & Dinah was mentioned in 1692


Accordian, Piano

Accountant: State of Arizona


Adopted as an baby

Adopted by Cecil Glenn Russell

Adopted by Jena and Steven

Adopted by John Funk

Adopted by Joseph Raymond Kolkowski

Adopted by Roger Zirk

Adopted by Ronald Malinowski at age 12

Adopted from Korea

Adopted Rachel Ellen Kuczer

AF18 273 607

AFN: 1GN5-DV6 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-DWD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-DXL (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-DZS (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-F00 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-F16 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FH3 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FJ9 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FKH (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FLP (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FMW (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FN4 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FPB (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FQJ (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FRQ (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1GN5-FSX (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-1J (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-2P (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-3V (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-42 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-FL (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-GR (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 1R59-HX (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 3PNR-24 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 3PNR-39 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: 9722-PV (found in LDS church records)

AFN: CBSF-DD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: CBSF-FK (found in LDS church records)

AFN: KM8H-T3 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: KM8H-V8 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: KM8H-WF (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWG-X5 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWG-ZB (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-5B (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-6H (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-8T (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-91 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-DJ (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-FP (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-GV (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-H2 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-J7 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-KD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWH-Q8 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWN-FD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWN-GK (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-7H (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-8N (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-9T (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-B1 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-C6 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZWP-DC (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZXL-CV (found in LDS church records)

AFN: LZXW-D9 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: P1H7-7H (found in LDS church records)

AFN: P1H7-8N (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWJ-H8 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWK-10 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWK-25 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWK-5N (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWQ-GW (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWQ-H3 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWQ-J8 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWQ-KF (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCWQ-MR (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCX9-86 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCXX-Q7 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WCXX-RD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WDO6-XD (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WDOB-04 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WDOB-19 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WDOB-HP (found in LDS Church records)

AFN: WDOD-20 (found in LDS church records)

AFN: WDOD-3W (found in LDS church records)

African American descent

Aft. 1924

Aft. 1938

Age 15 Years

Age 8 mon. 8 days

Age at death 22 estmated

Ak, Springdale, Buried In Zion Methodist Cem

Ak, Washington Co., Springdale

Akron, Crane man for Firestone Tire & Rubber

Al, Birmingham

Al, Butler Co

Al, Calhoun, Annistown

Al, Cullman

Al, Culman

Al, Dauphin Island

Al, DeKalb County

Al, Fayette, Glenallen

Al, Montgomery, Montgomery

Al, Morgan Co

Al, Morgan

Al, Morgon

Al, Tuscaloosa


Ala, Bullock Co., Peachburg

Ala, Peachburg, Buried in Turnipseed Estate


Alabama (Morgan County), Gandy's Cove

Alabama, Butler Co

Alabama, Clark Co., Thomasville

Alabama, Clarke County

Alabama, Coffee County

Alabama, Faunsdale

Alabama, Greene County

Alabama, Jefferson County

Alabama, Justice of the Peace in Marengo County

Alabama, Madison County, Mississippi Territory

Alabama, Marengo County

Alabama, Marion

Alabama, Mobile

Alabama, Montgomery

Alabama, Perry County

Alabama, St. Clair County

Alabama, Talladega County, Ironaton

Alabama, Talladega County, Winterboro

Alabama, Talladega County

Alabama, Tallapoosa Co, Haralson

Alabama, Walker Co., Jasper



Alameda County surveyor

Alaska, Anchorage Co, Anchorage

Alaska, Anchorage Co., Anchorage

Alaska, Anchorage

Alaska, Kenai Co., Soldotna

Alaska, Matanuka-Susisha, Palmer


Alhambra High School

Ar, Batesville

Ar, Baxter, Big Flat

Ar, Blue Mountain

Ar, Boone Co, Harrison

Ar, Boone Co

Ar, Boone County

Ar, Boone, Harrison

AR, Booneville

Ar, Clemburne Co

Ar, Dubuque

Ar, Fort Smith

Ar, Ft Smith

Ar, Hempstead Co, Hope

Ar, Hempstead Co

Ar, Hope

Ar, Izard Co., Timbo

Ar, Jefferson Co

Ar, Johnson Co., Hunt

AR, Logan Cty, Paris

Ar, Logan, Blue Mountain

Ar, Louisburgh

Ar, Madison, Delaney

Ar, Marion Co, Everton

Ar, Marion County

Ar, Marshall

Ar, Oden

Ar, Oxley

Ar, Pea Ridge

AR, Pineville

Ar, Pulaski, Little Rock

AR, Scott Cty

Ar, Searcy Co., Calf Creek

Ar, Searcy Co., Marshall

Ar, Searcy Co., Snowball

Ar, Searcy Co

Ar, Searcy, Campbell

Ar, Searcy, Marshall

Ar, Searcy, Mashall

Ar, Searcy, Oxley

Ar, Searcy, Snowball

Ar, Sharp, Hardy

AR, Siloam Springs

Ar, Stone Co

Ar, Stone County, Mountain View

Ar, Stone County, Timbo

Ar, Stone County

Ar, Stone, Flag

Ar, Stone, Pleasant Grove

Ar, Stone, Timbo

Ar, Van Buren Co

Ar, Washington, Fayetteville

AR, Washington




Arizona Public Service

Arizona State University

Arizona, Cochise Co., Bisbee

Arizona, Cochise Co., Fort Huachucha

Arizona, Cochise Co., St. David

Arizona, Florence

Arizona, Gila Bend

Arizona, Glendale

Arizona, Maricopa Co., Phoenix

Arizona, Maricopa Co., Scotsdale

Arizona, Maricopa County, Mesa

Arizona, Mohave Co., Lake Havasu

Arizona, Navajo Co., Show Low

Arizona, Navajo Co., White River

Arizona, Peoria, Oakwood Elementarty School

Arizona, Peoria

Arizona, Phoenix, Moon Valley High School

Arizona, Phoenix, Sahuaro Grade School

Arizona, Phoenix

Arizona, Pima Co., Tucson

Arizona, Pinal Co., Florence

Arizona, Sedona

Arizona, Tucson

Arizona, Yavapai Co., Cottonwood

Arizona, Yuma Co., Yuma

Arizona, Yuma

Ark, Benton Co., War Eagle

ARK, Boone, Harrison, Maplewood Cem

ARK, Boone, Harrison

Ark, Little Rock

ARK, Logan, Blue Mountain

ARK, Searcy, Marshall

Ark, Washington Co., Springdale

Arkansas (Benton Co.), Rogers

Arkansas (Benton County), Springdale

Arkansas (Boone County), Elmwood

Arkansas (Boone County), Garfield

Arkansas (Boone County), Harrison

Arkansas (Independence County), Batesville

Arkansas (Searcy County), St. Joe

Arkansas (Searcy County), St. Joseph

Arkansas (?)

Arkansas City High School

Arkansas City Kansas

Arkansas City, sheet 6, Census Enumeration Dist. 41

Arkansas Light Artillery, Civil War Captain Etter's Battery

Arkansas or Texas

Arkansas, Benton County

Arkansas, Best

Arkansas, Boone Co., Garfield

Arkansas, Boone County

Arkansas, Carroll County

Arkansas, Clark Co., Okolona

Arkansas, Eureka Springs

Arkansas, Fort Smith

Arkansas, Garland Co., Hot Springs

Arkansas, Gravette

Arkansas, Hartman

Arkansas, Johnson Co

Arkansas, Lafayette County

Arkansas, Madison Co, Huntsville

Arkansas, Maricopa, Sun City

Arkansas, Marsena

Arkansas, Miller County

Arkansas, Newton County

Arkansas, Parthenon

Arkansas, Rosboro

Arkansas, Searcy County

Arkansas, Searcy

Arkansas, Sharp Co., Wirth

Arkansas, Spring Hill

Arkansas, Stone County, Fox

Arkansas, Union Co., Eldorado

Arkansas, Van Buren County

Arkansas, Yell Co., Dardenell

Arkansas, Yell County


Arlington National Cemetery

Army Nurse Corps

Artist, School Teacher

As The World Turns

Ashes at Chapel of the Chimes

ashes place in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, Cremated in Oakland

Ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay

Attended U.C. Berkeley

Attorney graduated from Yale with Master of Laws

Attorney in California


Aunt Etta

Aunt Sis

Aunt Zorey

Awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart by the US Army

AZ Class of 2008, Phoenix, Brophy Prepartory Academy

AZ, Avondale

AZ, Glendale, Arizona State Universtiy West

AZ, Glendale, Midwestern University

AZ, Glendale

Az, Maricopa, Phoenix

AZ, Peoria, Centenial High School

AZ, Phoenix

AZ, Surprise

Az, Yuma, Yuma

B.A. degree, Graduated from University of California at San Marcos

Baby Sec, California, Ventura, Buried in Ivy Lawn Cem

Baking, Sewing

Ball Hospital

Baptist minister

Baptist Preacher, Hotel Propriator, Farmer



Became a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner

Became a Reverend

Belonged to Christian Church

Benton Co. AR




Bill Jack




Bob Geer is natural father


Born on the Trail of the Tears

born: Dawson Co. TX at home


Boulder Colorado

Bradley Co. TN

Brownwood Eastland Co. TX



Buried at Abbotsville Cem. south of Greenville

Buried at Clarington Cem

Buried at Rutter Cem. between Clarington and Cameron

Buried at Union City

Buried in Antioch Church Cemetery

Buried In Bakersfield

Buried in Bear Creek or New Dayton Cem

Buried in Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

Buried in Buch Grove Cem

Buried in Centennial Cem

Buried in Clarington Cem

Buried in Fourtain Park Cem

Buried in Harter Cem. near New Madison

Buried in Haseville Cem

Buried in Knightstown Cem

Buried in Lick Praire Cem

Buried in Maxville Cem

Buried in Northlawn Memorial Gardens

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Buried in Riverside National Cemetary

Buried in Riverview Cemetery

Buried in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

Buried in Sebastopol Cemetery

Buried in Shiloh Cemetery

Buried in South Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

Buried in Spring Hill Cem

Buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens

Buried in Windy Gap Cem. with mother

Buried in Windy Gap Cem

Buried San Diego Navy military burial grounds

Bus Driver, Homemaker


Ca, Alameda, Livermore

Ca, Alameda, Oakland

Ca, Alameda, Sunol

CA, Anehiem

Ca, Bakersfield

CA, Bellflower

CA, Buried in Liberty Cemetery near Petaluma

CA, Buried in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

CA, Buried near Sebastopol

Ca, Chico

Ca, Contra Costa, Antioch

Ca, Contra Costa, Richmond

CA, Cremated in Oakland

CA, Diamond Bar

CA, Died at 19 months in Sonoma County

Ca, Escondido

Ca, Fresno

Ca, Glenn, Orland

CA, Guerneville

Ca, Hayward

CA, Inglewood

Ca, Kern, Wasco

Ca, L.A. Co, Santa Monica

Ca, Lahonta

CA, Long Beach

Ca, Los Angeles, Arcadia

Ca, Los Angeles, Burbank

Ca, Los Angeles, Downey

Ca, Los Angeles, Glendale

Ca, Los Angeles, Granada Hills

Ca, Los Angeles, Hollywood

Ca, Los Angeles, Huntington Park

Ca, Los Angeles, Inglewood

Ca, Los Angeles, Lakewood

Ca, Los Angeles, Long Beach

Ca, Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Ca, Los Angeles, Pasadena

Ca, Los Angeles, San Fernando

Ca, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Ca, Los Angeles, Venice

Ca, Los Angeles, West Covina

Ca, Los Angeles

Ca, Mendocino, Fort Bragg

Ca, Oakland

Ca, Orange County

Ca, Orange, Anaheim

Ca, Orange, Buena Park

Ca, Orange, Orange

Ca, Oroville

CA, Palm Springs

Ca, Pasadena

CA, Petaluma, Ashes at Cypress Hill Cemetery

CA, Petaluma, Buried in Calvary Cemetery

CA, Petaluma, Buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery

CA, Petaluma, Entombed in Cypress Hill Cemetery

CA, Petaluma, Inurned in Cypress Hill Cemetery

Ca, Placerville

CA, Pleasant Hill near Sebastopol

CA, Porterville

CA, Poway

Ca, Redding

CA, Riverside

Ca, Roseville

CA, Sacramento, Cremated & ashes placed at East Lawn Cemetery

Ca, Sacramento

Ca, San Bernardino, Fontana

Ca, San Bernardino, Highland

Ca, San Bernardino, Ontario

Ca, San Bernardino, San Bernardino

Ca, San Bernardino, Upland

CA, San Diego Cty, Vista

CA, San Diego

CA, San Dieo

CA, San Francisco, Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery

CA, San Joaquin County, Farmington, Highland View Memorial Cemetary

CA, Santa Ana

Ca, Santa Barbara Co., Santa Barbara

Ca, Santa Clara, Los Gatos

Ca, Santa Clara, San Jose

CA, Santa Rosa, Buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery

CA, Santa Rosa, Entombed in Odd Fellows Cemetery

CA, Santa Rosa, Inurned in Chapel of the Chimes

Ca, Sun Valley

Ca, Torrance

CA, Torrence

Ca, Tulare, Porterville

Ca, Tulare, Tulare

Ca, Tuolemne, Sonora

Ca, Van Nuys

Ca, Ventura, Camarillo

Ca, Ventura, Ojai

Ca, Ventura

CA, Was a deputy sheriff of Sonoma County

Ca, West Covina

Ca, Willows Glenn

Ca, Yacaipa


Cabinet Maker

CA--In a niche with Annabel, Inglewood

CA--in a niche with Philip, Inglewood

Cal, Cypress, Forest Lawn Cem

Calf, Cypress, Buried at Forest Lawn Cem

Calf, Long Beach

Calif, Fair Oaks

Calif, Mantica

Calif, McClellan AFB

Calif, Roseville

Calif, San Diego

Calif, Torrance

Calif, Westminster

California (Cypress Hill Cemetery), Petaluma

California (Solano County), Dixon

California attorney

California Sec. E. Plot 82 # 10, Ventura, Buried in Ivy Lawn

California Sec. K # 71, Ventura, Buried in Ivy Lawn

California, Agvanga

California, Alameda County

California, Amador City

California, Anador Co., Sutter Creek

California, Anaheim

California, Auburn

California, Avalon

California, Bakersfield

California, Baldwin Park

California, Bellflower

California, Berkeley

California, Bodega Bay

California, Brawley

California, Burbank

California, Buried at Glenn Abbey in Bonita

California, Buried in Santa Rosa

California, Buried in Sonoma County

California, Butte County, Chico

California, Butte County

California, Calipatria

California, Carlsbad

California, Carmichael

California, Chico

California, Chilino Valley (near Petaluma)

California, Chula Vista

California, Cirtus Hts

California, Colusa County, Arbuckle

California, Compton

California, Concord

California, Contra Costa Co., Concord

California, Contra Costa County

California, Covina

California, Cypress, Forest Lawn Cemetary

California, Davis

California, Dixieland

California, Dixon

California, Elderado Co., Placerville

California, Forestville

California, Forrest Hills

California, Fort Ord

California, Foster Park

California, Freestone

California, Fresno County

California, Fresno

California, Garborville

California, Glenn Co., Willows

California, Grass Valley

California, Green Valley near Sebastopol

California, Harbor City

California, Hayward

California, Healdsburg

California, Healsdburg

California, Hemet

California, Hesperia

California, Highland

California, Huntington Beach

California, Imperial Co., Winterhaven

California, Indio

California, Inglewood

California, Jolon

California, Kern Co, Bakersfield

California, Kern Co., Bakersfield

California, L. A. Co., Inglewood, Buried in Inglewood Park Cem

California, L. A. Co., Inglewood

California, L. A. Co., Whittier, Buried in Rose Hills

California, L.A. Co., Inglewood

California, La Harbra

California, La Mesa

California, Lake Tahoe

California, Lassen Co., Westwood

California, Lodi

California, Lompoc

California, Long Beach

California, Los Alamos

California, Los Angeles Co, Long Beach

California, Los Angeles Co., Altadena

California, Los Angeles Co., Compton

California, Los Angeles Co., Culver City

California, Los Angeles Co., Downey

California, Los Angeles Co., Glendale

California, Los Angeles Co., Hollywood

California, Los Angeles Co., Inglewood, Buried in Inglewood

California, Los Angeles Co., Inglewood

California, Los Angeles Co., Lakewood

California, Los Angeles Co., Lancaster

California, Los Angeles Co., Long Beach

California, Los Angeles Co., Los Angeles

California, Los Angeles Co., Northridge

California, Los Angeles Co., Pacific Palisades

California, Los Angeles Co., Pasadena

California, Los Angeles Co., Pico Rivera

California, Los Angeles Co., San Gabriel

California, Los Angeles Co., Santa Monica

California, Los Angeles Co., Sherman Oaks

California, Los Angeles Co., Torrence

California, Los Angeles Co., Van Nuys

California, Los Angeles Co., Vernon

California, Los Angeles Co., West Los Angeles

California, Los Angeles, Buried in Whittier

California, Los Angeles

California, Los Angelos Co., Lancaster

California, Los Angelos Co., Los Angelos

California, Los Angelos Co., Pasadena

California, Lynwood

California, Madera

California, Marin County

California, Marvista

California, Mendocino County, Fort Bragg

California, Mendocino County, Ukiah

California, Merced

California, Modesto

California, National City

California, Nevada City

California, Nevada County

California, North Hollywood

California, Norton AFB

California, Oakland

California, Oceanside

California, Ojai

California, Orange Co., Anaheim

California, Orange Co., Garden Grove

California, Orange Co., Santa Ana

California, Orange Co., Stanton

California, Orange County

California, Orange

California, Oxnard

California, Pacifica

California, Palm Springs

California, Petaluma

California, Pomona

California, Port Hueneme

California, Porterville

California, Rancho Palos Verdes

California, Redding

California, Richmond

California, Riverside Co., Loma Linda

California, Riverside

California, Rodeo

California, Roseville

California, Sacramento Co., Sacramento

California, Sacramento

California, San Andreas

California, San Bernadino

California, San Bernardino Co., Devore

California, San Bernardino Co., Newberry Springs

California, San Bernardino Co., Victorville

California, San Bernardino

California, San Diego Co., LaJolla

California, San Diego Co., San Diego

California, San Diego

California, San Fancisco Co., San Francisco

California, San Francisco

California, San Franciso Co, Presidio Of San Francisco

California, San Joaquin County

California, San Jose

California, San Leandro

California, San Luis Obispo

California, San Mateo County

California, San Mateo

California, San Pedro

California, San Rafael

California, Santa Barbara

California, Santa Monica

California, Santa Paula

California, Santa Rosa

California, Sebastopol

California, Sepulveda

California, Shaevanshire House-Amador City

California, Shasta County

California, Somoma, Sebastopol

California, Sonoma County, Freestone

California, Sonoma County

California, Stockton

California, Taft

California, Templeton

California, Torrance

California, Upland

California, Ventura Co., Santa Paula

California, Ventura Co., Ventura

California, Ventura County

California, Ventura, Buried in Ivy Lawn Cem

California, Ventura

California, Vista

California, Walnut Creek

California, Watsonville

California, Westminster

California, Whittier

California, Willits

California, Winterhaven

California, Woodland

California, Yreka



Came to Philadelphia

Came to USA in late 1930's

Camp Co. TX, Pittsburg

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Canada, Alberta

Canada, British Columbia, Kelona

Canada, British Columbia, Kelowna

Canada, British Coumbia, Sechelt

Canada, British Coumbia, Vancouver

Canada, Edmonton

Canada, Hamilton

Canada, Manitoba, Oak Lake

Canada, Manitoba

Canada, N.B., Sheppeagan

Canada, Nova Scotia

Canada, Quebec, Montreal, Verdun

Canada, Quebec, Montreal


Candy Maker. D.C. says worked in profession 36 years

Capt. in USAF

Capt. in USMC

Capt. WW II Commander of Co. K 110th Inf. at Waynesburg Armory

Captured and parolled at the Battle of Vicksburg

Carburator Repair Co

Carpenter & Cooper


Carroll Co. AR


Cause of Death: Broncho pneumonia


Chattooga Co. GA

Cherokee Nation, Flint District

Cherokee Nation

Chester Cty

Chief Petty Officer

Chief Warrant Officer USN & Postal Service

China, Missionary in charge of Nanchang District

China, Nanchon

China, Shanghai, Principal of American School


Choctaw Co. OK, Hugo

Christian Science


Cicil engineer

Civil engineer worked for the railroad in Oregon

Civil Engineer

Civil War (died in camp)

Civil War 1st Regiment Texas Partisans Later the 30th Texas Cavalr=

Civil War 2nd Lieutenant of Co. D 3rd Tenn Reg Int. Confederate Ar=

Civil War O. V. I. at Stone's River and Chickamauga

Civil War, 160 Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Civil War, Co. B 152 Ohio Inf. Gar

Civil War, Co. H 110 Ohio Inf. Gar

Civil War

Clear Forks Cemetery

Clear Forks Henry

Clearforks Cemetery

Clinton Co. KY

CN, Ontario, Leeds County

CO Kansas, Cowley

CO, Denver

Co, Phillips Co., Holyoke

Co. E 116th Reg. of the Ohio Vol. Inf

College Counselor

Colorad, Denver

Colorada, Arapaho Co., Englewood

Colorada, Denver Co., Denver

Colorada, Denver

Colorada, Golden

Colorada, Weld Co., Greeley

Colorado College, B.S

Colorado, Adams Co

Colorado, Alfalfa Co., Burlington

Colorado, Calhan

Colorado, Colorado Springs

Colorado, Denver, Buried at Crown Hill Cem

Colorado, Denver

Colorado, El Paso Co., Buried at Calhan

Colorado, El Paso Co., Colorado Springs

Colorado, El Paso Co., Peton

Colorado, Greely

Colorado, Pueblo Co, Pueblo

Colorado, Pueblo

Colorado, Trinchera

Colorado, Weld Co., Greeley


Comanche Co. TX, Sipe Springs

Comanche Co. TX

Computers, Sports

Conn, Bridgeport

Conn, Waterbury


Connecticut, Branford

Connecticut, Fairfield, Greenwich

Connecticut, Fairfield

Connecticut, Hartford


Construction worker


Cook for Palestine Primary School

Cooper and farmer


Costa Rica, Grecia

Cowley CO Kansas

Cremated & ashes scattered in her rosebush beds


CT, Fairfield, Stamford

CT, Guilford

CT, Litchfield, Goshen

CT, New Haven

D. C, Washington

Dallas Co. TX, Dallas

Darke Co. Ohio, Butler Twp., Sovona

Darke Co. Ohio, Butler Twp

Daughter of Joshua & Nancy (Nelson) Smith adopted after death of parents

Dawson Co. TX, buried in Lamesa

Dawson Co. TX, Lamesa

Dawson Co. TX


Delaware, Kent Co




Denton Co. TX

Department Store Executive


Dickens Co. TX, Carlton

Died a few months of age

Died as child

died at 49 years old

Died at age 12

Died at age 14

Died at age 17

Died at age 18

Died at age 2

Died at age 3 months

Died at age 32

Died at age 4

Died at age 5

Died at age 8 years and 2 months

Died at age of three

Died at birth

Died at home

Died Before American Civil War

Died During American Civil War

Died during Civil War 1861-1865

died in childbirth

Died in Civil War

Died in infancy

Died in World War l

Died in World War ll

Died within 24 hr

Died young

Dietician at Sacramento Hospital


Divorce from Hart

Divorced Edward

Divorced from Arthur

Divorced from Burel Scrivner

Divorced from Edna

Divorced from Frank

Divorced from Fred

Divorced from George

Divorced from Helen

Divorced from Henry

Divorced from Jacqueline

Divorced from Janet

Divorced from John

Divorced from Lillie

Divorced from Linda

Divorced from Marie

Divorced from Marilyn

Divorced from Mr. Cowlins

Divorced from Mr. Fassnacht

Divorced from Mr. Harvie

Divorced from Ray

Divorced from Roscoe

Divorced from Ruth

Divorced from Sloan

Divorced from Stephen

Divorced William




Drowned as a young man in New York

Eagle Scout - BSA

East Canada

East of Mississippi River In Indian Ter

Eastland Co. TX, Gorman

Eastland Co. TX, Rising Star

Ebner & Luke Skelly killed by Indians at the ranch

Elected Associate Judge


Employee of Aetna Standard Mill

Employee of Benwood Mill of Wheeling Steel Corp

Employee of Eastern Airlines

Employee of Manufacturer's Light and Heat Co

Engineer at Ford Machinery

Engineering Adminstrator for Pacific Bell

England, B, Oakley

England, Glocestshire, Cheltenham

England, Kent, Canterbury

England, Kent

England, Lakenheath

England, London, Newgate

England, London

England, Wales

England, Yorkshire, Middleabrough



Erwin Cemetery

evangelist & teacher, China, Nanchang

Excelsior High School

Fairview Memorial Gardens in Family Mausoleum

Family photo shows Theresa holding hands over her face. Only know=


Farmer and commission merchant

Farmer and Liberty Twp. trustee

Farmer and painter

Farmer and stock buyer

Farmer, So Cal Gas Co Employee



Federal Land Bank Employee, Farmer


First wife of William Cody Rush


FL, Branford

FL, Crystal River

FL, Miami

FL, Old Town

FL, Wildwood

Fla, Okeechobee

Fla, Orlando

Fla, Pensacola

Florida, Broward Co., Fort Lauderdale

Florida, Broward Co., Plantation

Florida, Coral Gables

Florida, Deltona

Florida, Hillsboro Co., Tampa

Florida, Homestead AFB

Florida, Kissimmee

Florida, McDill Air Force Base

Florida, Miami

Florida, Orlando

Florida, Palatka

Florida, Penellas Co., Clearwater

Florida, Plant City

Florida, Punta Gorda

Florida, St. Petersburg

Florida, Tampa


Foard Co. TX, Crowell

Foreign Languages, Family Tree, Baseball

Forest Lawn Glendale

Forida, Pensacola

formed from LaGrange County, Indiana, Steuben County


France, Burgundy

France, Flanders

France, Orleans




French Morroco Air Force Base

Fruit farmer


Ga, Baldwin Co

GA, Cherokee Nation

Ga, Columbus

GA, Jasper County

GA, Old Cherokee Nation

Ga, Walker County

GA, Walker


Gardening, Baking, Music

Gardening, Home Repair, Carpentry


Gatesville City Cemetery

Gatesville Eastland Co. TX

George H. Fay, Married by Justice of the Peace

Georgia ), Served in Army ( died in VA hospital in Atlanta

Georgia, Allieculcie Valley

Georgia, Andersonville Prison

Georgia, Atlanta

Georgia, Bibb Co., Macon

Georgia, Camp Gordon

Georgia, Cherokee County

Georgia, Cobb County

Georgia, Oglethorpe County

Georgia, St. Marys

Georgia, Walker Co

Georgia, Warner Robins


German, Baden

Germany, Baden, Karlsruhe

Germany, Baden

Germany, Berlin

Germany, Birkenfeld

Germany, Biteberg

Germany, Breitenbach

Germany, Edickheim

Germany, Eybach

Germany, Frankfurt

Germany, Hesse, Kassel

Germany, Hornbach

Germany, Mannheim

Germany, Posen

Germany, Stuttgart

Germany, Wesel-on-the-Rhine

Germany, Wuerttemberg, Neckarkreis, Loechgau


Glendale Resthaven Park

Glendale, Forest Lawn Mem

Governor of Georgia

Graduated from Mary Hardin-Baylor College

Graduated from U. S. Naval Academy

Graduated with first class from Stanfor University

Graham Co. AZ, Safford

Great Britain

Great Britian, Wales

Greece, Adopted in Persteri

Greece, Molai, Kyparissi

Greenlee Co. AZ, Duncan

Greenwood Cemetery


Had 7 or 8 girls and 4 or 5 boys

Had a twin brother

Had Polio when young and was in a wheel chair from childhood

Harbor College, El Camino College

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Has a twin brother

Has a twin sister

Haskell Co. TX, O'Brien

Haskell Co. TX, Rochester

Haskell Co. TX


Have another birth date of 3/9/1800

Have another death date of 5/14/1883

Have another death date of 8/17/1885

Hawaii, Maui Co., James City

Hawaii, Oahu, Schofield Air Base

Hawaii, Wailuku. Maui Island

Hawaii. Plot Q Row 0 Grave 343, Honolulu, Honolulu Memorial

He was a dentist

He was a farmer but held several local elected offices

High School teacher graduated U.C. Berkeley

His wife's Aunt Billie is married to Lloyd Hesse who is his older brother

Holland, Kampen


Holy Cross Cemetery

Home Repair, Fireman

Homemaker and Librarian

Homemaker and retail clerk

Homemaker, Real Estate


Honorable Discharge US Army

Hotel manger



Humboldt County

Hungary, Budapest

IA, Fort Dodge

IA, Hamilton CO., Webster

IA, Hinton

Ia, Louisa, Columbus Jct

IA, Plymouth County, Hinton

IA, Pocahontas Co

IA, Polk, Des Moines

IA, Sioux City

Ice Man

Idaho, Ada Co., Boise

Idaho, Benewah Co., St. Maries

Idaho, Bonner Co., Sand Point

Idaho, Bonneville Co., Idaho Falls

Idaho, Charleston Co., Charleston

Idaho, Idaho Falls

Idaho, Kootenai Co., Coeur d'Alene

Idaho, Paris

Idaho, Postfalls

Idaho, Twinfalls

Il, Fairfield

Il, Johnson County

Il, Lebannon

IL, Madison

Il, Pike County

Ill, Buried at Mount Morris

Ill, Chicago

Ill, Clay Co

ILL, Clinton County

Ill, Quincy

Ill, Seneca

Ill, St. Clair County

ILL, St. Clair County

Ill, Wabash Co., Friendsville Precinct

Ill, Wabash Co., MT. Carmel Precinct

Ill, Wabash Co

ILL, Washington County

Illinios, Dewitt Co., Clinton

Illinois (Civil War Casulty), Mound City

Illinois (Coles County), Charleston

Illinois (Moultrie County), Marrowbone

Illinois (Shelby (?) County), Shelbyville

Illinois (Shelby County), Okaw Township

Illinois (Shelby County), Okaw

Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville

Illinois (Shelby(?) County), Shelbyville

Illinois (Shelby? County), Shelbyville

Illinois (Shleby County), Okaw Township

Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville

Illinois, Adams County, Removed to Quincy

Illinois, Belleville

Illinois, Belmont

Illinois, Berryville

Illinois, Bowen

Illinois, Bureau Co., Malden

Illinois, Bureau Co

Illinois, Charleston

Illinois, Chicago

Illinois, Clay

Illinois, Clinton County

Illinois, Coles County

Illinois, Coles

Illinois, Cook Co, Chicago

Illinois, Cook Co., Arlington Hts

Illinois, Cook Co., Chicago

Illinois, Cook Co., Harvey

Illinois, Cook Co., Oak Park

Illinois, Cook

Illinois, Dixon

Illinois, Edwards Co., Albion

Illinois, Edwards Co., Bennington

Illinois, Edwards Co., Bone Gap

Illinois, Edwards Co., W. Salem

Illinois, Edwards Co

Illinois, Evanston

Illinois, Fort Dearborn

Illinois, Fulton Co., Fairview

Illinois, Fulton Co., London Mills

Illinois, Fulton Co., Young Hickory Twp., Buried in West Midway Cem

Illinois, Fulton Co., Young Hickory Twp

Illinois, Fulton Co

Illinois, Gibson Co., Keensburg

Illinois, Grantsburg

Illinois, Harmony

Illinois, Henderson City

Illinois, Jefferson County

Illinois, Johnson Co

Illinois, Johnson County

Illinois, Knox Co., Chestnut

Illinois, Knox Co., Galesburg

Illinois, Knox Co., Yates City

Illinois, Lake Co., Great Lakes

Illinois, Marklham

Illinois, McDonough Co

Illinois, Mercer Co., New Windsor

Illinois, Mercer Co., North Henderson

Illinois, Mercer Co., Richland Grove

Illinois, Mercer Co., Rivoli Twp

Illinois, Mercer Co., Swedona

Illinois, Mercer Co

Illinois, Moultrie

Illinois, Mount Carmel, Buried in Highland Cem

Illinois, Mt. Carmel

Illinois, Oak Park

Illinois, Ogle Co., Leaf River

Illinois, Okaw

Illinois, Ottawa

Illinois, Park Ridge

Illinois, Peoria Co., Peoria

Illinois, Peoria

Illinois, Pocohaontas County, Cedar

Illinois, Prophetstown, Buried in Leon Cem

Illinois, Prophetstown

Illinois, Quincy

Illinois, Randolf County

Illinois, Richland Co

Illinois, Rock Island Co

Illinois, Rockford

Illinois, Sangamon Co., Springfield

Illinois, Seneca

Illinois, Sheffield

Illinois, Shelby County

Illinois, Shelbyville

Illinois, Springfield

Illinois, Urbana

Illinois, Vincenes

Illinois, Wabash Co., Gards Point

Illinois, Wabash Co., Lick Praire Precinct

Illinois, Wabash Co., Lick Praire

Illinois, Wabash Co., Maud Precinct

Illinois, Wabash Co., Mount Carmel Precinct

Illinois, Wabash Co., Mt. Carmel Precinct

Illinois, Wabash Co

Illinois, Wabash

Illinois, Walbash Co., Mt. Carmel

Illinois, Wayne Co., Jeffersonville

Illinois, Wayne Co

Illinois, Wayne County

Illinois, West Salem Precinct

Illinois, West Salem, Buried in Moravian Cem

Illinois, West Salem

Illinois, Westville

Illinois, Whiteside County, Morrison

Illinois, Woodhull


Illnois, Edwards Co., Bone Gap

In charge of educational division of Federated Boys Clubs of New York City

In Sonoma County

In, Bartholomew, Colmbus

IN, Warwick

Ind, Albion

Ind, Allen Co., Ft. Wayne

Ind, Delaware Co., Muncie

Ind, Gibson Co., Princeton

Ind, Greencastle

Ind, Huntington Co

Ind, Jay Co., Jefferson Twp

Ind, Jay Co., New Mt. Pleasant

Ind, Jay Co., Noble Twp

Ind, Jay Co., Portland

Ind, Jay Co., Red Key

Ind, Jay Co

Ind, Kimmell

Ind, Knightstown

Ind, Madison Co., Anderson

Ind, Maxville, Woodlawn Cem

Ind, Member of the First M. E. Church at Richmond

Ind, Mishawaka

Ind, Muncie

Ind, Noble Co

Ind, Portland, Green Park Cem

Ind, Randolph Co

Ind, Richmond, Buried in Earlham Cem

Ind, Richmond, Buried in Lutherania Cem

Ind, Richmond

Ind, Union City

Ind, Valpariso

Ind, Wayne Co., Richmond

Ind, Whitley Co., Churubusco

Ind, Whitley Co., Columbia City

Ind, Winchester


Indian Territory (OK), Cherokee Nation

Indian Territory (OK), Tahlequah

Indian Territory (OK)

Indian Territory, Flint District

Indian Territory, Newkirk

Indian Territory, Sequoyah County

Indian Territory

Indiana from Ohio, Removed to LaGrange County

Indiana, Allen Co., Ft. Wayne

Indiana, Allen Co., Huntertown

Indiana, Allen Co., Perry Twp

Indiana, Allen Co

Indiana, Anderson

Indiana, Angola

Indiana, Blackford Co., Hartford City

Indiana, Bloomington

Indiana, Built 2nd house in Angola

Indiana, Buried in Lawndale Cem. near Ridgeville

Indiana, Clinton Co., Rossville

Indiana, Columbus

Indiana, Davies County

Indiana, DeKalb, Garrett

Indiana, Delaware Co., Muncie

Indiana, Delaware Co., Oakville

Indiana, Evansville

Indiana, Fort Wayne

Indiana, Henry Co., New Castle

Indiana, Indianapolis

Indiana, Jay Co., Buried in New Mt. Pleasant Cem

Indiana, Jay Co., Dunkirk

Indiana, Jay Co., Jefferson Twp

Indiana, Jay Co., Muncie

Indiana, Jay Co., New Mount Pleasant

Indiana, Jay Co., Portland

Indiana, Jay Co

Indiana, Knox Co., Vincennes

Indiana, Kosciusko Co., Warsaw

Indiana, La Porte, Wanatah

Indiana, Lagrange Co

Indiana, Lake Co., Hammond

Indiana, Madison Co., Anderson

Indiana, Marion Co., Indianapolis

Indiana, Martin County

Indiana, Miami, Peru

Indiana, Mishawaka

Indiana, Muncie, Buried at Tominson Cem

Indiana, Muncie, Buried in Elm Ridge Cem

Indiana, N. Vernon

Indiana, Randolph Co., Union City

Indiana, Randolph Co

Indiana, Springport, Buried at Springport Cem

Indiana, Steuben County, Angola

Indiana, Stockwell

Indiana, Sullivan

Indiana, Wabash

Indiana, Wayne Co., Richmond


Inducted into Waynesburg College's Basketball Hall of Fame

Inglewood Park Cemetery

Insurance agent with Prudential Insurance Co

Intrst. 50Y in baseball

Iowa (?), Ft. Dodge

Iowa, Black Hawk Twp

Iowa, Bloomfield

Iowa, Buried in Fonda

Iowa, Burlington

Iowa, Cantril

Iowa, Clayton County, Wagner

Iowa, Davenport

Iowa, Decatur Co., Davis

Iowa, Des Moines Co

Iowa, Des Moines

Iowa, Dubuque County, Dubuque

Iowa, Dunkerton

Iowa, Emmetsburg

Iowa, Emmettsburg

Iowa, Fairfield

Iowa, Fonda

Iowa, Ft. Madison

Iowa, Hardin Co., Union Twp

Iowa, Hardin Co

Iowa, Homer

Iowa, Iowa City

Iowa, Jefferson Co., Fairfield

Iowa, Jefferson Co., Polk Twp., Packwood

Iowa, Jefferson Co

Iowa, Lee Co., Ft. Madison

Iowa, Man Buren Co., Keokuk

Iowa, Milo

Iowa, Mt. Pleasant

Iowa, Muscatine

Iowa, Ottumwa

Iowa, Packwood, Buried in Packwood Cem

Iowa, Packwood, Jefferson Twp

Iowa, Polk Co., Des Moines

Iowa, Richland, Buried in Richland Cem

Iowa, Richland

Iowa, Scott City

Iowa, Scott Co., Le Claire

Iowa, Scott Co., Princeton

Iowa, Scott Co

Iowa, Sigourney

Iowa, Stockport

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Buried at Cantril

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Buried at Keosauqa

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Buried at Mt. Sterling

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Buried in Cantril

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Cantril

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Keokuk

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Keosauqa

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Mt. Sterling, Buried at Blackledge Cem

Iowa, Van Buren Co., Mt. Sterling

Iowa, Van Buren Co

Iowa, Van Burer Co., Mt. Sterling

Iowa, Wapella Co., Ottumwa

Iowa, Wapello Co., Ottumwa

Iowa, Waterloo, Garden of the Good Sheperd, Buried at Memorial Garden Cem

Iowa, Webster City


Ireland, Antrim Co

Ireland, County Antrim

Ireland, County Galway, Conomara, Carraroe

Ireland, Donegal

Ireland, Gallway

Ireland, Galway City

Ireland, Galway, Calladh

Ireland, Ulster


Is a nurse

Italy, Abruzzo

Italy, Latina

Italy, Naples



Jackson County, Ohio, Byer

Japan, Kyoto

Japan, Okinawa


Jay Co. Ind, Muncie

Jay Co. Ind

Job's Daughters


John & Sarah moved to Coles Co. Illinois

John K. Stephenson Sr. says that he thinks that Uncle Floyd died f=



Johnson Co. AR

Jr. & his wife Mary Linksweiler", Compiled "Some Descendants of Richard Gale

Kan, Burial in Nortonville

Kan, Buried in Sabetha

Kan, Easton

Kan, Nemaha Co

Kan, Stevens Co., Moscow

Kansas (Greenwood County), Salem

Kansas, Arkansas City, Hope Cemetary

Kansas, Arkansas City, Memorial Lawn Cemetary

Kansas, Arkansas City, Mt. Zion Cemetary

Kansas, Arkansas City

Kansas, Chase City

Kansas, Clark Co., Englewood

Kansas, Concordia

Kansas, Cowley County

Kansas, Derby

Kansas, El Dorado

Kansas, Ford Co., Dodge City

Kansas, Fowler

Kansas, Garden City

Kansas, Geuda Springs

Kansas, Girard

Kansas, Greensburg

Kansas, Greenwood County?

Kansas, Harvey County, Newton

Kansas, Harvey County

Kansas, Haviland

Kansas, Hofies

Kansas, Independence

Kansas, Jackson Co

Kansas, Jewel Co., Superior

Kansas, Johnson Co

Kansas, Johnson County

Kansas, Junction City

Kansas, Kansas City

Kansas, Kingman

Kansas, Kiowa Co., Greensburg

Kansas, Lawrence

Kansas, Leavenworth

Kansas, Lyon, Emporia

Kansas, McPherson

Kansas, Meade Co., Meade

Kansas, Meade Co., Plains

Kansas, Mt Vernon

Kansas, Oberlin

Kansas, Olathe

Kansas, Pittsburg

Kansas, Reno Co., Pretty Prairie

Kansas, Republic Co., Beleville

Kansas, Republic Co., Byron

Kansas, Republic Co., Republic

Kansas, Salem

Kansas, Salina Co., Salina

Kansas, Saline, Solomon

Kansas, Sedgewick Co., Wichita

Kansas, Sedgwick Co., Wichita

Kansas, Seward Co., Liberal

Kansas, Somner County

Kansas, Topica

Kansas, Troy

Kansas, Wellington

Kansas, Wichita

Kansas, Winfield

Kansas, Wyandotte, Kansas City


Kentucky (Bourbon Country), Millersburg

Kentucky (Bourbon County), Millersburg

Kentucky (Bourbon County), Paris

Kentucky (Bourbon County), Winchester

Kentucky (Harrison County), Cynthiana

Kentucky, Bourbon County

Kentucky, Bowling Green

Kentucky, Burksville

Kentucky, Christian Co., Hopkinville

Kentucky, Fleming Co

Kentucky, Floyd Co., Lackey

Kentucky, Harrison County

Kentucky, Knox Co., Girdler

Kentucky, Lexington

Kentucky, Millersburg

Kentucky, South Hill

Kentucky, Warren Co., Smithgrove

Kentucky, Washington

Kentucky, Wayne County


Killed in Action During WWII

Knox Co. TX, Benjamin

Knox Co. Tx, Knox City

Korean War

KS, Arkansas City, sheet 15, Census E.D. 46

KS, Arkansas City, sheet 24, Census E.D. 48

KS, Arkansas City, sheet6, Census E.D. 41

KS, Arkansas City

KS, Baxter Springs

Ks, Butler, El Dorado

Ks, Chautauqua, Peru

KS, CO, Cowley

KS, Coffey CO

KS, Coffeyville

KS, Cowley CO, Parker-Prairie View Cemetary

KS, Cowley County

KS, Harvey County, Newton

KS, Harvey County

Ks, Johnson, Olathe

Ks, Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth

KS, Madison

KS, Sedgewick Cty

Ks, Sedgwick, Wichita

KS, Topeka

Ks, Wichita

KY or IN

Ky, Bourbon Co., Paris

KY, Glasgow

KY, Harrodburg

KY, Jefferson Cty

Ky, Jefferson, Louisville

Ky, Kenton Co., Covington

Ky, Louisville, Buried in Cave Hill Cemetery

KY, Murray

KY, Ohio Cty

Ky, Todd Co

KY, Warren County

Ky, Wayne County, Millwright


La, Caddo Co., Shreveport

LA, Clairborne Parish

Lamar Co. TX, Paris

Lamesa Dawson Co. TX


Large Marge

Last residence: 92139

Last residence: CA 92139

Last residence: FL 33309

Lath & Plaster - construction


Left Missouri for California (see notes)

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Lil Grandma

Lived in Maryland


Long-haul trucking

Loping Cow, Annie Kay

Louisiana, Arcado Parish, Grand Catauc

Louisiana, Catahula Parish

Louisiana, Elton

Louisiana, New Orleans

Louisiana, Pineville

Louisiana, Plaque Mine, Buras

Louisiana, Plaque Mine, Port Sulphur

Louisiana, Shreveport

Louisiana, St. Mary's Parrish, Franklin

Louisiana, Youngs Point


Loveland. Colorado


Lutheran Reform

M, Sr. in Scotland County, Appointed administrator of the estate of Richard Gale

Ma, Holyoak

Ma, Springfield

Machine maker


Maine, Androscoggin Co., Lewiston


Maintenance engineer for Marietta Memorial Hospital

Major League Baseball Pitcher

Marine 1942-1946

Married Jack Hart in Morenci AZ

Maryland, Baltimore

Maryland, Bethesda

Maryland, Buried at Hyattsville

Maryland, Charles County

Maryland, Fort Meade

Maryland, Frederick Co

Maryland, Hyattsville

Maryland, Lexington Park

Maryland, Silver Springs

Maryland, Washington Co., Hagerstown

Maryland, Washington


Mason. Bricklayer


Mass, Lynn

Mass, Swampscott


Massachusetts, Esses Co., Lynn

Massachusetts, Middlesex Co., Somerville

Massachusetts, Middlesox Co., Winchester

Massachusetts, Norfolk Co., Brookline

Massachusetts, Springfield


Master's in teaching

Maumee Cemetery

May have married Mrs. Joseph Eaton - divorce ????

Mays County OK, Salina

Md, Prince George

Mechanic for Powhatan Coal Co

Mehala McGaffy or McNeal?

Member of Arlington Memorial Baptist Church

Member of Bethany Methodist Church

Member of Centennial Church of God

Member of Christian Church

Member of Clarington Church of Christ

Member of Delaware First Presbyterian Church

Member of Edgwood Park M. E. Church at Pleasanton

Member of First Baptist Church of Waynesburg

Member of First Presbyterian Church

Member of Main Street Christian Church

Member of Methodist Church

Member of Methodist Protestant Church

Member of Pilgrim United Church of Christ

Member of Smithfield St. Methodist Church & Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church

Member of Smithfield St. Methodist Church

Member of St. Paul Episcopal Church

Member of the Baptist Church

Member of the Christian Church

Member of the German Reformed Church

Member of the M. E. Church

Merchant and Justice of the Peace

Metal Worker

Mexican War

Mexico, Baja California, Tijuana

Mexico, Mazatlan

Mexico, Nogales

Mexico, Reynosa

Mexico, Rio Bravo


Mi, Wayne, Detroit

Mich, Barbeua

Mich, Buried in Coleman

Mich, Buried in Grand Rapids

Mich, Coleman

Mich, Grand Rapids

Mich, Midland, Geneva Twp., Midland

Michigan, Adrian

Michigan, Allegan Co., Allegan

Michigan, Allegan Co., Ostego

Michigan, Allegan Co., Otsego

Michigan, Allegan Co., Plainwell

Michigan, Allegan Co

Michigan, Allegan

Michigan, Ann Arbor

Michigan, Arenac Co., Standish

Michigan, Barry Co., Orangeville

Michigan, Barry Co., Yankee Springs

Michigan, Barry Co

Michigan, Barry

Michigan, Bay City

Michigan, Benzie Co

Michigan, Berrien Co., Berrien Springs

Michigan, Berrin Co., St. Joseph

Michigan, Branch Co., Coldwater

Michigan, Branch Co., Gilead Twp

Michigan, Branch Co., Union City

Michigan, Branch Co

Michigan, Branch, Coldwater

Michigan, Branch, Union Twp

Michigan, Branch

Michigan, Calhoun Co., Battle Creek

Michigan, Calhoun Co., Pine Creek

Michigan, Calhoun Co., Washington Heights

Michigan, Cass Co., Edwardsburg

Michigan, Charlevoix Co., Charlevoix

Michigan, Cheboygan

Michigan, Clare

Michigan, Dearborn

Michigan, Detroit

Michigan, Emmet Co., Petoskey

Michigan, Flint

Michigan, Gladwin

Michigan, Grand Rapids

Michigan, Grand Traverse, Traverse City

Michigan, Hastings

Michigan, Isabella Co., Mt. Pleasant

Michigan, Isabella Co., Mt. Pleasent

Michigan, Isabella Co., Shepherd

Michigan, Isabella Co., Vernon Twp

Michigan, Isabella Co., Winn

Michigan, Isabella Co

Michigan, Isabella, Fremont, Dushville

Michigan, Isabella, Fremont

Michigan, Ithica

Michigan, Jackson Co

Michigan, Jackson County

Michigan, K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Alamo

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Comstock

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Cooper

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Kalamazoo

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Oshtemo

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co., Texas

Michigan, Kalamazoo Co

Michigan, Kalamazoo, Buried at East Cooper Cem

Michigan, Kalamazoo

Michigan, Kent Co., East Grand Rapids

Michigan, Kent Co., Grand Rapids

Michigan, Kent

Michigan, Lake Crystal

Michigan, Lenawee

Michigan, Marquette Co

Michigan, Marquette

Michigan, Mason Co

Michigan, Mecosta Co., Big Rapids

Michigan, Menominee

Michigan, Midland Co., Coleman

Michigan, Midland Co., Colemand

Michigan, Midland Co., Coleman

Michigan, Midland Co., Mt. Pleasant

Michigan, Midland, Geneva Twp., Midland

Michigan, Midland

Michigan, Montcalm Co., Edmore

Michigan, Montclam Co., Howard City

Michigan, Muskegon

Michigan, Newaygo, Croton

Michigan, Newaygo, Ensley Center

Michigan, Oakland Co

Michigan, Oceana Co., Dighton

Michigan, Oceana Co., Hart

Michigan, Oceana Co., Reed City

Michigan, Ottawa Co., Coopersville

Michigan, Ottawa Co., Grand Haven

Michigan, Ottawa Co., Marne

Michigan, Ottawa Co., Robinson Twp

Michigan, Ottawa Co., Robinson

Michigan, Ottawa

Michigan, Pinconning

Michigan, Port Huron

Michigan, Saulte Ste Marie

Michigan, St. Joseph Co., Mendon

Michigan, St. Joseph Co., South Bend

Michigan, St. Joseph Co

Michigan, St. Joseph, Leonidus

Michigan, St. Joseph, Mendon

Michigan, St. Joseph, Nottawa

Michigan, St. Joseph, Sturgis

Michigan, Stanwood

Michigan, Van Buren Co., Alemena

Michigan, Van Buren Co., Almena Twp

Michigan, Van Buren Co., Almena

Michigan, Van Buren Co., Coloma

Michigan, Van Buren Co., Paw Paw

Michigan, Van Buren Co., South Haven

Michigan, Van Buren Co

Michigan, Van Buren

Michigan, Wayne Co., Detroit

Michigan, Wayne


Middle Tennessee State University

Midway Dawson Co. TX

Midway Island Naval Base

Might have went to prison

Miller & Farmer


Minn, Buried in Clementson

Minn, Minneapolis

Minn, Sleepy Eye

Minnesota, Bloomington

Minnesota, Clementson

Minnesota, Eveleh

Minnesota, Hawley

Minnesota, International Falls

Minnesota, Kingston

Minnesota, Lincoln Co., Ash Lake Twp

Minnesota, Minneapolis

Minnesota, Ottertail Co., Dalton

Minnesota, The Falls

Minnesota, Waterville



Miss, Bilouxi

Miss, Gulfport

Mississippi, Acorn

Mississippi, Columbus

Mississippi, Corinth

Mississippi, Leflore Co., Greenwood

Mississippi, Marshall County

Mississippi, Winona


Missouri (Clinton County), Plattsburg

Missouri (C. War Casulty), Near Plattsburg

Missouri (now known as Scotland County), Lewis County

Missouri and ashes scattered by Sherrlene, Kansas City, Cremated-Mount Moriah

Missouri, Adair

Missouri, Arrow Rock

Missouri, Boone County

Missouri, Buch Co., St. Joseph

Missouri, Buckhamao County

Missouri, Buried at Mount Moriah in Kansas City

Missouri, Buried at Prarie View

Missouri, Buried in Scotland County

Missouri, Carrollton

Missouri, Cashville

Missouri, Chula

Missouri, Clark Co., Kahoka

Missouri, Clark Co., Wayland

Missouri, Clarke Co., Buried at Kahoka

Missouri, Clay Co., Liberty

Missouri, Clay Co., North Kansas City

Missouri, Clay Co

Missouri, Clinton County

Missouri, Connstaninopk

Missouri, Cooper County

Missouri, Dade Co

Missouri, Eureka Springs

Missouri, Excelsior Spring

Missouri, Fayette

Missouri, Hickory Co

Missouri, Howard County

Missouri, Jackson Co., Grandview

Missouri, Jackson Co., Independence

Missouri, Jackson Co., Kansas City

Missouri, Jackson Co

Missouri, Johnson Co., Warrensburg

Missouri, Kansas City

Missouri, Linn Co., Brookfield

Missouri, Linn Co., Browning

Missouri, Linn Co

Missouri, Linneus

Missouri, Luray

Missouri, Medill

Missouri, Memphis, Buried in Memphis Cemetery

Missouri, Mercer Co., Princeton

Missouri, Mercer Co

Missouri, Milan

Missouri, Mississippi Co., East Prairie

Missouri, Mountain View

Missouri, Platte County

Missouri, Plattsburg?

Missouri, Resided on a ranch near Arrow Rock

Missouri, Revere

Missouri, Reynolds Co

Missouri, Rocheport

Missouri, Scotland Co., Memphis

Missouri, Scotland County, Buried in Concord Cemetery

Missouri, Scotland County

Missouri, Seligman

Missouri, St Charles

Missouri, St. Joseph

Missouri, St. Louis Co., St. Louis

Missouri, St. Louis Co

Missouri, St. Louis

Missouri, Stoddard Co., Ardeola

Missouri, Sullivan Co., Green Castle

Missouri, Sullivan Co., Humphreys

Missouri, Sullivan Co

Missouri, Sullivan, Humphreys, Buried In Humphreys Cem

Missouri, Took up government land in Lewis County

Missouri, Washington Co., Patosi


Mn, Pipestone

Mo, & judge in Scotland County, rancher, farmer, Druggist

Mo, Adair Co., Kirksville

Mo, Barnett, Burial at Greenmore Garden

Mo, Barnett, Buried in Greenmore Garden

Mo, Barnett

MO, Barry Co

Mo, Boone Co., Columbia

Mo, Boone, Columbia

Mo, Brown Co

Mo, Buchanon Co

Mo, Burial in Barnett

Mo, Buried in St. Louis

Mo, Callawy County

Mo, Camden Co., Osage Beach

Mo, Camden Co., Pervis

Mo, Cuba

Mo, Federal Censuese show family as residence of Scotland Count

Mo, Federal Censuses show family as residence of Scotland County

Mo, Grundy Co., Laredo

Mo, Grundy Co., Spicard

Mo, Grundy, Buried at Galt Cem

Mo, Humphreys, Burial in Humphreys Cem

MO, Iron Co

Mo, Jackson Co., Kansas City

Mo, Jackson, Kansas City

Mo, Jasper, Carthage

Mo, Kansas City, Buried in Forrest Hill

Mo, Kansas City

Mo, Lawrence Co

Mo, Linn Co., Humphrey

Mo, Linn Co

Mo, Linn, Burial in Purdin Cem

Mo, Livingston Co., Chula

Mo, Macon Co., Macon

Mo, Marion Co., Hannibal

Mo, Maryville

Mo, Miller Bagnel

Mo, Miller Co., Eldon

Mo, Morgan Co., Versailles

MO, Oregon Co

Mo, Pettis Co., Sedalia

Mo, Plaid

Mo, Pulaski Co., Waynesville

Mo, Purdin, Buried in Purdin Cem

Mo, Randolph Co., Moberly

Mo, Ray Co

Mo, Removed to Lewis County

Mo, Removed to Scotland County

Mo, Springfield

Mo, St. Louis Co

Mo, St. Louis

Mo, Sullivan Co

Mo, Sweet Springs, Buried In Fairview Cem

Mo, Sweet Springs

Mo, Traveled by ox teams to California from Scotland County

MO, Wayne Co

MO, Wayne


Mold maker for Hazel Atlas Glass Co

Montana, Dawson Co., Glendive

Montana, Gallatin, Bozeman

Montana, Great Falls

Montana, Richland Co., Sidney


Montebello High School

Mortgage Banker

Mother's name: Kimberly Martin

Moutain View Cemetery

moved family moved from KY to TX

moved family moved from TN to TX

Moved from North Carolina to Tennessee

moved from Rusk Co. TX to teach school

Moved from Tennessee to Alabama

Moved to Stony Point Rd. ranch

moved to TX from Benton Co. AR with 2 children

Ms, Claiborne, Alcorn

Ms, Shiloh


Mt, Meagher, Castle


Music teacher


Musician, Arborist

N.C, Iredell Co

N.C, Kannapolis

N.C, Lincoln Co

N.C, Mecklenburg Co

N.C, Rowan Co, Fourth Creek

N.Y, Orange Co., Miller & a proprietor of Goshen Precinct

N.Y, probably born in Jamaica

Name might be Edith R. Moore

Nanchang, Appointed District Missionary

Nanking evangelistic work with Ailie (wife)

NAS Cecil Field Florida Chapel

Navajo High School

Navy W W ll


NC, Mecklenburg

NC, Nash Co

NC, Surry County

Near Bijou Sarat on the Mississippi


Nebraska, Cozad

Nebraska, Furnas Co., Beaver City

Nebraska, Hitchcock Co., Palisades

Nebraska, Hitchcock Co., Trenton

Nebraska, Lancaster Co., Hallam

Nebraska, Palisades Co., Buried at Palisades

Nebraska, Saline Co., Crete

Nebraska, Wilber


Nevada, Carson City

Nevada, Clark Co., Las Vegas

Nevada, Las Vegas

Nevada, Reno

Nevada, South Lake Tahoe

Nevada, Sparks

Nevada, Tonapoh

Nevada, Washoe Co., Reno


Neveda, Lyon Co., Rena

Never married

New Jersey, Asbury Park

New Jersey, Buried at Asbury Park

New Jersey, Camp Kilmer

New Jersey, Edison

New Jersey, French Town

New Jersey, Middlesex Co., New Brunswick

New Jersey, Monmouth Co., Fort Monmouth

New Jersey, Morris County

New Jersey, Princeton

New Jersey, Somerset Co., Bridgewater Twp

New Jersey, Somerset Co., Somerville

New Jersey, Somerville

New Jersey, Warren Co., Oxford

New Jersey, West Orange

New Jersey

New Madison, Palestine-Hollandsburg Rd

New Mexico, Alamogorda

New Mexico, Alberquerque

New Mexico, Albuquerque

New Mexico, Chavez Co, Roswell

New Mexico, Clayton

New Mexico, Clovis Co., Clovis

New Mexico, Clovis

New Mexico, Curry Co., Melrose

New Mexico, DeBaca Co, Fort Sumner

New Mexico, Ft. Sumner

New Mexico, Hollaman AFB

New Mexico, Reserve

New Mexico, Rosewell

New Mexico, Sante Fe, Sante Fe National Cemetary, Site 4974, Row 0, Section 6

New Mexico

New York, Brooklyn

New York, Broome Co., Endicott

New York, Chautauqua Co., DunKirk

New York, Dutchess, Stanfordville

New York, Goshen

New York, Griffiss AFB

New York, Jamestown

New York, Jefferson

New york, Kings Co., Brooklyn

New York, Long Island, Jamaica

New York, Long Island, Resident of Jamaica

New York, Long Island, Rockville Centre

New York, Long Island

New York, New York Co., New York City

New York, Ontario Co

New York, Orange County

New York, Orange, Goshen

New York, Rockville Center

New York, Sandy Creek

New York, Saratoga Co

New York, Silver Creek

New York, Staten Island

New York, Ulster County, Kingston

New York, Ulster County, Settled in LaGrange

New York, Ulster County

New York, Westchester, Pond Ridge

New York, Westchester

New York


Newkirk Cemetery

Newkirk High School

Nickname Hattie

NJ, Essex Cty

NJ, Morristown

NJ, Newark

NJ, Princeton


NM, Albuquerque

NM, Andrews, Permian Hosp

NM, Hobbs

NM, Roosevelt, Elida

NM, Union

no marker



North Carolina, Alleghany County

North Carolina, Ashe County

North Carolina, Charlotte

North Carolina, Cherry Point

North Carolina, Craven Co., New Bern

North Carolina, Fayetteville

North Carolina, Guilford County

North Carolina, Helton

North Carolina, New Hanover Co., Wilmington

North Carolina, Orange County

North Carolina, Reidsville

North Carolina, Rowan County

North Carolina, Surry County

North Carolina, Wilkes County

North Carolina, Wilmington

North Carolina

North Dakota, Carrington

North Dakota, Cathay

North Dakota, Fargo

North Dakota, New Rockford

North Dakota, Stark Co., Dickenson

North Grove, Buried in Christian Cem

Northwest Arkansas Times

Nottoway County Virginia

Nv, Carson City, Carson City

Nv, Clark, Las Vegas

NV, Las Vegas

NV, Mineral, Hawthorne

Nv, Reno

Nv, Storey, Virginia City

Nv, Washoe, Reno

NY - Fresh Pond Crematory, Burial: Middle Village

NY, Ogdensburg

Occupation: Stone Mason

Office Executive, Lawyer

Office Supervisor

OH, Cleveland

Oh, New Madison, Buried in First Universalist Church Cem

Ohio (probably), Franklin County

Ohio Infantry, Co. F. 19th Reg

Ohio State Patrol driver test examiner

Ohio Vol. Inf, Co. B 116th Regiment

Ohio, Ada

Ohio, Adams Co

Ohio, Akron

Ohio, Allen Co., Lima

Ohio, Applecreek

Ohio, Arcanum

Ohio, Ashtabula Co., Ashtabula

Ohio, Athens Co., Nelsonville

Ohio, Athens

Ohio, Auglaize Co., New Bremen

Ohio, Auglaize Co., St. Marys

Ohio, Auglaize Co

Ohio, Belmont Co., Bellaire

Ohio, Belmont Co., Martins Ferry

Ohio, Belpre

Ohio, Brookville

Ohio, Brown Co., Georgetown

Ohio, Brown Co

Ohio, Bryan

Ohio, Bulter Co

Ohio, Burial at Greenmound Cem. New Madison

Ohio, Burial at Palestine Cem. Palestine

Ohio, Buried at First Universalist Church Cemetery in New Madison

Ohio, Buried at Killbuck

Ohio, Buried in Hillsboro

Ohio, Butler Co., Lemon Twp

Ohio, Butler Co

Ohio, Cameron

Ohio, Canton, Buried at Sunset Hills

Ohio, Carroll Co., Washington Twp

Ohio, Champaine Co., Mechanicsburg

Ohio, Chillicothe

Ohio, Cincinnati

Ohio, Circleville

Ohio, Clark Co., Springfield

Ohio, Clarke Co., Springfield

Ohio, Clemont Co., OhioTwp., New Richmond, Buried in Green Mound Cem

Ohio, Clemont Co

Ohio, Clermont Co., Washington Twp

Ohio, Clermount Co

Ohio, Clinton Co., Wilmington

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Buried at Jackman Cem

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Buried at Riverview Cem

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Buried in Middleton Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Buried in Riverview Cem

Ohio, Columbiana Co., East Liverpool

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Elk Run Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Fredericktown

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Frederidktown

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Fredrick Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Madison Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Middleton Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., Middletown

Ohio, Columbiana Co., St. Clair Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., St. Claire Twp

Ohio, Columbiana Co., West Point

Ohio, Columbiana Co

Ohio, Columbinia Co., St. Clair Twp

Ohio, Columbus, Buried in Eastlawn Cem

Ohio, Columbus, Buried in Greenlawn Cem

Ohio, Columbus

Ohio, Concord

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Blissfield

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Coshocton

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Layland

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Monroe Twp., Layland

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Monroe Twp

Ohio, Coshocton Co., Washington Court House

Ohio, Coshocton Co

Ohio, Crawford Co

Ohio, Crawford County, Bucyrus

Ohio, Creston

Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Cleveland

Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Lakewood

Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Parma

Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls

Ohio, Darke Co., Adams Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., Butler Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., Coletown

Ohio, Darke Co., Dawn

Ohio, Darke Co., Franklin Twp., Pikeville

Ohio, Darke Co., Franklin Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., Greenville

Ohio, Darke Co., Harrison Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., Hollansburg

Ohio, Darke Co., Liberty Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., Neave Twp., Ft. Jefferson, Buried in Oak Grove Cem

Ohio, Darke Co., Neave Twp., Ft. Jefferson

Ohio, Darke Co., Neave Twp

Ohio, Darke Co., New Madison

Ohio, Darke Co., Palestine

Ohio, Darke Co., Van Buren Twp., Buried in Abbottsville Cem

Ohio, Darke Co., Versailles

Ohio, Darke Co., Washington Twp

Ohio, Darke Co

Ohio, Darke County, Greenville

Ohio, Darke County, New Madison

Ohio, Darke County

Ohio, Dayton, Soldiers Home

Ohio, Dayton

Ohio, Defiance Co., Cecil

Ohio, Defiance Co., Hicksville Twp

Ohio, Defiance Co., Hicksville

Ohio, Defiance Co

Ohio, Delaware Co., Concord Twp

Ohio, Delaware Co., Delaware

Ohio, Delaware Co., Dover Twp

Ohio, Delaware Co., Scioto Twp

Ohio, Delaware, Buried in Oak Grove Cem

Ohio, Delaware

Ohio, Dover

Ohio, East Liverpool

Ohio, Edinburgh

Ohio, Eldorado

Ohio, Employed at Olin-Mathieson Aluminum at Hannibal

Ohio, Erie Co., Vermillion

Ohio, Fairfax

Ohio, Fairfield Co., Berne Twp

Ohio, Fairfield Co

Ohio, Fayette Co., Washington Court House

Ohio, Findlay, Buried in Maple Grove Cem

Ohio, Franklin Co., Columbus

Ohio, Franklin Co., Hilliard

Ohio, Franklin County, Perry Township

Ohio, Franklin County, Perry Twp

Ohio, Franklin County, Worthington

Ohio, Franklin County

Ohio, Galion

Ohio, Green Camp

Ohio, Green Co., Bath Twp

Ohio, Greene Co., Fairborn

Ohio, Greenville, Buried at Greenville Cem

Ohio, Greenville, Buried in Greenville Cem

Ohio, Greenville, Wayne Hosp

Ohio, Greenville

Ohio, Guernsey Co

Ohio, Hambden

Ohio, Hamilton Co., Dartown

Ohio, Hamilton Co

Ohio, Hancock Co., Arlington

Ohio, Hancock Co

Ohio, Hardin Co., Kenton

Ohio, Hardin Co., Washington Twp., Dola

Ohio, Hardin Co., Washington Twp

Ohio, Highland Co., Broshcreek Twp., Buried in Dunkard Ridge Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Concord Twp., Buried in Old Wesley M. E. Chapel Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Concord Twp., Buried in Walker Cem. # 2

Ohio, Highland Co., Concord Twp

Ohio, Highland Co., Jackson Twp

Ohio, Highland Co., Liberty Twp., Buried in Fall Creek Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Liberty Twp., Hillsboro, Buried in Hillsboro Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Liberty Twp

Ohio, Highland Co., Madison Twp., Greenfield, Buried in Greenfield Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Penn Twp., Buried in Auburn M. E. Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Penn Twp., Buried in Auburn M. E. Chapel Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Penn Twp., Samantha, Buried in Medhodist Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Penn Twp., Samantha

Ohio, Highland Co., Penn Twp

Ohio, Highland Co., PennTwp., Buried in Auburn M. E. Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., Union Twp., Buried in Dunn's Chapel Cem

Ohio, Highland Co., White Oak Twp

Ohio, Highland Co

Ohio, Hocking Co., Good Hope Twp

Ohio, Hollandsburg

Ohio, Hollansburg, Buried at Hollansburg Cem

Ohio, Holmes Co., Millersburg

Ohio, Holmes County

Ohio, Hopetown

Ohio, Iberia

Ohio, Jackson

Ohio, Jefferson Co., Knox Twp

Ohio, Jefferson Co., Steubenville

Ohio, Jefferson Twp., Eldorado

Ohio, Jefferson Twp., Father's name might be Brown 1910 Census Preble Co

Ohio, Knox Co., Greer

Ohio, LaGrange County

Ohio, Lakewood

Ohio, Lorain

Ohio, Lucas Co., Toledo

Ohio, Lucas Co

Ohio, Mahoning Co

Ohio, Marietta

Ohio, Marion

Ohio, McArthur

Ohio, Melrose

Ohio, Member of the Christian Church at Arcanum

Ohio, Member of the Christian Church at Quaker City

Ohio, Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of Greenville

Ohio, Mercer Co., Celina

Ohio, Mercer Co., Jefferson Twp., Celina, Buried in North Grove Cem

Ohio, Mercer Co., Jefferson Twp., Celina

Ohio, Mercer Co., Jefferson Twp

Ohio, Mercer Co., Mendon

Ohio, Mercer Co

Ohio, Miami Co., Troy

Ohio, Miami Co

Ohio, Middleport

Ohio, Monroe Co., Benton Twp

Ohio, Monroe Co., Buried in Rutter Cem

Ohio, Monroe Co., Clarington, Opossum Creek Cem

Ohio, Monroe Co., Clarington

Ohio, Monroe Co., Lowgap

Ohio, Monroe Co., Ohio Twp

Ohio, Monroe Co., Opossum Creek

Ohio, Monroe Co., Perry Twp., Buried in Antioch Cem

Ohio, Monroe Co., Woodfield

Ohio, Monroe Co

Ohio, Montgomery Co., Dayton

Ohio, Morgan Co

Ohio, Morrow Co., Bennington Twp

Ohio, Morrow Co

Ohio, Muskingum Co., Frazysburg

Ohio, Navarre, Buried at Union Lawn Cem

Ohio, New Madison, Buried at Greenmound Cem

Ohio, New Madison, Buried in Greenmound Cem

Ohio, New Madison, Cremated and buried in Greenmound Cem

Ohio, New Madison, Member of the Universalist Church

Ohio, New Madison, Palestine-Hollandsburg Rd

Ohio, New Madison

Ohio, New Matamoras

Ohio, New Paris, Buried in New Paris Cem

Ohio, New Paris

Ohio, Noble County

Ohio, North Olmstead

Ohio, Orient

Ohio, Orrville

Ohio, Painesville

Ohio, Painseville

Ohio, Painsville

Ohio, Palestine, Member of Palestine Church of Christ

Ohio, Palestine

Ohio, Paulding Co., Bethel

Ohio, Paulding Co., Brown Twp

Ohio, Paulding Co., Carryall Twp., Antwerp

Ohio, Paulding Co., Carryall Twp

Ohio, Paulding Co., Cecil

Ohio, Paulding Co., Crane Twp

Ohio, Paulding Co., Harrison Twp

Ohio, Paulding Co

Ohio, Perry Co

Ohio, Perry

Ohio, Pickaway Co., Deercreek

Ohio, Pickaway Co

Ohio, Piqua, Buried at Forest Hill Cem

Ohio, Piqua

Ohio, Poland

Ohio, Pomeroy

Ohio, Portage

Ohio, Powhatan

Ohio, Preble Co., Eaton

Ohio, Preble Co., Monroe Twp., Buried in Monroe Universalist Cem

Ohio, Preble Co., Monroe Twp

Ohio, Preble Co., Winchester

Ohio, Preble Co

Ohio, Putnam Co., Perry Twp

Ohio, Ross City

Ohio, Ross Co., Bainbridge

Ohio, Ross Co., Chillicothe

Ohio, Ross Co., Frankfort

Ohio, Ross Co., Twin Twp

Ohio, Ross Co., Union Twp

Ohio, Ross Co

Ohio, Ross, Union Twp

Ohio, Ross

Ohio, Salem Twp

Ohio, Salem

Ohio, Sandusky

Ohio, Springfield

Ohio, Stark Co., Alliance

Ohio, Stark Co., Buried at Sunset Hills Cem

Ohio, Stark Co., Canton

Ohio, Stark Co., Jackson Twp

Ohio, Stark Co., Massillon

Ohio, Stark Co., Osnaburg

Ohio, Stark Co., Perry Twp., Massillon

Ohio, Stark Co

Ohio, Sterling, Worked at Boxboard Corp

Ohio, Stillwater

Ohio, Summit Co., Akron

Ohio, Toledo

Ohio, Toronto

Ohio, Troy

Ohio, Trumbull Co., Warren

Ohio, Trumbull Co

Ohio, Tuscarawas Co

Ohio, Tuscarawas

Ohio, Union Co., Jerome Twp

Ohio, Union Co., Leesburg Twp

Ohio, Uniontown

Ohio, Upper Arlington

Ohio, Van Wert Co., Ohio City

Ohio, Verona

Ohio, Vinton Co

Ohio, Warren Co

Ohio, Warren

Ohio, Washington Co., Cow Run

Ohio, Washington Co., Layman

Ohio, Washington Co., Lower Newport, Buried at Barker Cem

Ohio, Washington Co., Lower Newport

Ohio, Washington Co., Ludlow Twp

Ohio, Washington Co., Marietta

Ohio, Washington Co., Moss Run

Ohio, Washington Co., New Matamoras

Ohio, Washington Co., Newport

Ohio, Washington Co

Ohio, Washington Court House

Ohio, Washionton Co., Marietta

Ohio, Waverly

Ohio, Wayne Co., Orrville

Ohio, Wayne Co., Shreve

Ohio, Wayne Co., Smithville

Ohio, Wayne Co., Wooster

Ohio, Wayne Co

Ohio, West Manchester

Ohio, Westerville

Ohio, Wood Co., Bloom Twp

Ohio, Wood Co

Ohio, Youngstown


Oil Worker

Ok "Indian Territory", Atoka

Ok "Indian Territory", Lexington

Ok "Indian Territory", Love, Arnoldville

OK Cemetery, Fairfax

OK, Adair County, Bunch Township

OK, Adair Cty, Lyons

OK, Adair Cty, Salem

OK, Adair Cty, Sequoyah Church

OK, Adair Cty, Stillwell Township

OK, Adair Cty, Stillwell

OK, Adair Cty

Ok, Allouea Co., Miami

OK, Blackwell

Ok, Buried in Guthrie

OK, Canadian County, West Walnut

Ok, Carter, Ardmore

OK, Catoosa

OK, Cherokee Cty

OK, Cherokee Nation, Going Snake District, Caney Creek

OK, Cherokee Nation, Going Snake District

OK, Cherokee Nation, Saline District

Ok, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah District

OK, Claremore

Ok, Coal, Cairo

Ok, Cotton, Randlett

Ok, Cotton, Walters

OK, Delaware Cty, Grove

Ok, Enid

OK, Flint District

OK, Gore

OK, Guthrie

OK, Jefferson County, Waurika

Ok, Johnson Co, Mill Creek

OK, Kaw City

OK, Kay County, Blackwell

OK, Kay County, Dillworth

OK, Kay Cty, Newkirk

OK, Locust Grove

OK, Logan County, Lawrie

Ok, Logan, Guthrie

Ok, Marlow

OK, Mayes County

OK, Mayes Cty, Pryor

OK, Mayes Cty, Rose

Ok, McCurtain Co, Idabell

Ok, McCurtain Co

OK, McCurtain County

OK, Muskogee Cty, Webbers Falls

Ok, Muskogee

Ok, Okemah

OK, Oklahoma City, Crooked Oak School

OK, Oklahoma City

Ok, Ottawa Co., Pitcher

OK, Perry

OK, Ponca City

Ok, Pottawaomie Co., Shawnee

OK, Pottawaomie County, Tecumseh

Ok, Pottowattomie Co., Tecumseh

OK, Pryor

Ok, Purcell

OK, Rogers Cty, Claremore

OK, Salina

Ok, Seminole, Seminole

OK, Seminole

OK, Stephens County, Duncan

Ok, Tillman, Frederick

Ok, Tillman, Grandfield

OK, Tonkawa

Ok, Tulsa

OK, Waurika, Waurika Cemetary

OK, Waurika


Oklagoma, Osage Co., Osage

Oklahom, Indian Territory, Salina District, Rose

Oklahoma, , Tryon

Oklahoma, Ada

Oklahoma, Adair County

Oklahoma, Alton

Oklahoma, Bartesville

Oklahoma, Bartlesville

Oklahoma, Beaver Co., Gate

Oklahoma, Beggs

Oklahoma, Blackwell

Oklahoma, Braman, Braman Cemetary

Oklahoma, Bryan Co, Durant

Oklahoma, Carter Co, Ardmore

Oklahoma, Carter Co., Healdton City Cemetery

Oklahoma, Carter Co., Wilson

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Tahlequah

Oklahoma, Cherokee County

Oklahoma, Chickasaw

Oklahoma, Claremore

Oklahoma, Cleveland Co., Norman

Oklahoma, Cleveland, Norman

Oklahoma, Coal, Cairo

Oklahoma, Coal, Lone Star

Oklahoma, Coal, Paoli

Oklahoma, Cotton Co., Masonic Cemetery

Oklahoma, Cotton Co., Temple

Oklahoma, Cotton Co

Oklahoma, Duncan

Oklahoma, East of Ponca City, Longwood Cemetary

Oklahoma, Edmond

Oklahoma, El Reno

Oklahoma, Fairmont Garfield Co

Oklahoma, Flint District, Indian Territory

Oklahoma, Fox

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Bison

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Covington

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Douglas

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Enid

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Fairmont

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Garber

Oklahoma, Garfield Co., Pleasant Valley

Oklahoma, Guthrie

Oklahoma, Idabelle

Oklahoma, Idabell

Oklahoma, Idabelle

Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Flint District

Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Saline District

Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Sallisaw

Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Sequoyah District

Oklahoma, Indian Territory

Oklahoma, Iowa Co., Esterville

Oklahoma, Kay County

Oklahoma, Kingfisher Co., Kingfisher

Oklahoma, Kingfisher

Oklahoma, Lawton

Oklahoma, Lincoln Co., Prague

Oklahoma, Lincoln Co., Tryon

Oklahoma, Logan County, Guthrie

Oklahoma, Marble City

Oklahoma, Marshall County

Oklahoma, McAllister

Oklahoma, McCurtain County, Idabel

Oklahoma, McCurtain County

Oklahoma, Miami

Oklahoma, Midwest City, Arlington Memory Gardens

Oklahoma, Midwest City, Tinker AFB

Oklahoma, Midwest City

Oklahoma, Muskogee

Oklahoma, Newkirk

Oklahoma, Norman

Oklahoma, Nowata

Oklahoma, Oakhill

Oklahoma, Oiltown

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Sunnyside Cemetary

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Oklahoma Co., Edmond

Oklahoma, Oklahoma Territory

Oklahoma, Osage Co., Prue

Oklahoma, Park Hill

Oklahoma, Payne Co., Cushing

Oklahoma, Payne Co., Stillwater

Oklahoma, Peckham

Oklahoma, Perry

Oklahoma, Pittsburg, McAlester

Oklahoma, Ponca City

Oklahoma, Pontotoc, Ada

Oklahoma, Purcell

Oklahoma, Ringling

Oklahoma, Rose, Rose Cemetary

Oklahoma, Salina

Oklahoma, Seminola

Oklahoma, Shatook

Oklahoma, Shattuck, Higgins Memorial Cemetery

Oklahoma, Shattuck

Oklahoma, Stephens Co

Oklahoma, Stillwell

Oklahoma, Stonewall

Oklahoma, Tahlequah

Oklahoma, Talaquah

Oklahoma, Tishomingo

Oklahoma, Tulsa Co, Tulsa

Oklahoma, Tulsa Co., Collinsville

Oklahoma, Tulsa Co., Tulsa

Oklahoma, Tulsa Co

Oklahoma, Tulsa

Oklahoma, Woodall


Oklahomd, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City

Okra Eastland Co.TX

Old Cherokee Nation, Georgia

Old Cherokee Nation, Georia

Old Cherokee Nation

Ontario, Crowland

Opossum Creek Cem

Or, Deschutes, Bend

Or, Grant, Granite

Or, Lane, Eugene

Ordained Methodist Episcopal Church

Oregon (Lane County), Eugene

Oregon (Marion County), Salem

Oregon (Marion County), St. Paul

Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland

Oregon (Sherman County), Wasco

Oregon (Umatilla County), Butter Creek

Oregon (Umatilla County), Pendleton

Oregon (Umatilla County), Pilot Rock

Oregon (Umatilla County), Vinson

Oregon (Wasco County), The Dalles

Oregon (Sherman County), Wasco

Oregon (Umatilla County), Butter Creek

Oregon, Albany

Oregon, Beaverton, Inc., Employed by Tektronics

Oregon, Benton Co., Corvallis

Oregon, Butter Creek

Oregon, Clackamas Co., Colton

Oregon, Clackamas Co., Oregon City

Oregon, Clackamas Co

Oregon, Corvallis

Oregon, Douglas Co., Canyonville

Oregon, Douglas Co

Oregon, Eugene

Oregon, Grants Pass

Oregon, Hood Rider

Oregon, Josephine Co., Selma

Oregon, Lakeview

Oregon, Lane Co., Eugene

Oregon, Lebonon

Oregon, Marion Co., Hubbard

Oregon, Marion Co., Silverton

Oregon, Marion Co., Sslem

Oregon, Marion Co., Woodburn

Oregon, Marion Co

Oregon, Marion

Oregon, Milwaukee

Oregon, Mountains above Umatilla

Oregon, Mullnomah Co., Portland

Oregon, Multnomah Co, Portland

Oregon, Multnomah Co., Portland

Oregon, Multnomah Co

Oregon, Multnomah, Portland

Oregon, OfBurns

Oregon, Pendleton

Oregon, Polk County, Dallas

Oregon, Portland

Oregon, Salem

Oregon, Selma

Oregon, Silverton

Oregon, The Dalles

Oregon, Wasco Co., The Dalles

Oregon, Wasco

Oregon, Washington Co., Banks

Oregon, Washington Co., Forest Grove

Oregon, Washington Co., Portland

Oregon, Washington Co

Oregon, Washington

Oregon, Yamhill Co


Other birth dates might be 6/10/1777 or 1810

other twin deceased, Twin

Overton Co. TN

OVI, 149th Reg., Civil War- Co. C

PA, Armstrong Co., Kiskiminetas Twp., Edmon, Buried in Townsend Cem

PA, Cheste, West Nantmeal

Pa, Green County

Pa, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant High School

Pa, State College, Pennsylania State University

PA, Warwick

PA, Westmoreland Co., Allegheny Twp., Buried in Pleasant Hill Cem

PA, Westmoreland Co., Kiskiminetas Twp, Buried in Old Avonmore Cemetery

Painter and paper hanger



Pastor of Tunki Church & Kwangtung Chapel & School


Penn, Allegheny Co., Buried at Mount Royal Cem

Penn, Carnegie

Penn, east of Waynesburg, Buried in Morrisville Cem

Penn, Farrell

Penn, Fayette Co., Belle Vernon

Penn, Green Co., Franklin Twp

Penn, Green Co

Penn, Greene Co., Aleppo Twp

Penn, Greene Co., Dunns Station

Penn, Greene Co

Penn, Lancaster Co., Earl Twp

Penn, Philadelphia

Penn, Pittsburgh

Penn, Virginia or Green Co., Frederick Co

Penn, Washington Co., W. Brownville

Penn, Washington, Member of Methodist Church

Penn, Washington

Penn, Waynesburg

Penn, West Alexander, Buried in West Alexander Cem

Penn, West Alexander

Penn, West Finley

Penn, West Virginia or Lancaster Co., Morgan Co

Penn, West Virginia or New Holland, Berkely Co

Penn, Westmoreland Co., Suterville

Penn. or Ohio

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania, Armstrong Co., Parks Twp., Buried in Hill Family Cem

Pennsylvania, Armstrong Co

Pennsylvania, Armstrong, Kiskiminetas

Pennsylvania, Beaver Co., Fairview

Pennsylvania, Bucks Co., Winchester

Pennsylvania, Buried in old cemetery at Avonmore

Pennsylvania, Claysville

Pennsylvania, Co., Westmoreland

Pennsylvania, Coopersburg

Pennsylvania, Elmwood

Pennsylvania, Erie

Pennsylvania, Fayette Co

Pennsylvania, Franklin Co., Washington Twp

Pennsylvania, Green Co., Waynesburg

Pennsylvania, Green Co

Pennsylvania, Green County, Franklin Township

Pennsylvania, Greene Co., Aleppo Twp

Pennsylvania, Greene Co., Center Twp

Pennsylvania, Greene Co., Sugar Grove

Pennsylvania, Greene Co., Waynesburg

Pennsylvania, Greene Co

Pennsylvania, Greene, Franklin Twp

Pennsylvania, Greensburg

Pennsylvania, Grindstone

Pennsylvania, Hanover

Pennsylvania, Johnstown

Pennsylvania, Kingston

Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co., New Holland

Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Earl Township

Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Earl Twp

Pennsylvania, Lancaster

Pennsylvania, Lebanon Co., Jamestown

Pennsylvania, Maryland

Pennsylvania, Mercer Co

Pennsylvania, Monaca

Pennsylvania, Mt. Pleasant

Pennsylvania, New York or Lancaster County

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Pittsburg

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania, Redding

Pennsylvania, Rogersville

Pennsylvania, Sharon

Pennsylvania, Somerset Co., Berlin

Pennsylvania, Somerset Co

Pennsylvania, Somerset, Berlin

Pennsylvania, Somerset, Brothers Valley

Pennsylvania, Somerset

Pennsylvania, Trauger, Forty Martyrs Catholic Church

Pennsylvania, Tyler

Pennsylvania, Virginia or Green County, Frederick County

Pennsylvania, Washington Co., Eldersville

Pennsylvania, Waynesburg

Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Lancaster County, Morgan County

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Belle Vernon

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Greensburg

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Mt. Pleasent

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Uniontown

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Unity Twp

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co., Washington Twp

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co

Pennsylvania, Whitney

Pennsylvania, Wind Ridge

Pennsylvania, Wood Co


Perry Co. AR

Petaluma CA, Buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery


Peter changed the family name to Ullom


Phillipines, Manila


Physician & preceptress of American School in Shanghai

Physician and Surgeon



Pilot for the U.S. Air Force


Playing Cards




Porter - Gaming Industry

Postmaster and clerk for W. R. Hageman

Postung Internment Camp

Preacher in San Diego 1996

Preacher in the Society of Friends

President & manager of Carnegie Lumber Co

Principal of San Rafael High School


Probably buried on the L.D. Gale Ranch at the mouth of the Estero Americano

Probably married in New York


Public School Teacher

Purchased land near Bodega Bay (see notes)

Purchased ranch located on Stony Point Rd. (see notes)



Railroad man

Raised Leonard after he got Polio

Real Estate, Ice Cream Supervisor


Removed into Petaluma

Removed to Petaluma California

Removed to Santa Rosa in the summer

Residing in Chilino Valley west of Petaluma

retired after 23 yrs, U. S. Navy

Retired in 1978

Retired, U S Army

Retired: U.S. Air Force



Revolutionary War

Rhineland Germany, Zweibr�cken

Rhineland Germany, Zweibrucken

Rhode Island, Providence


Rose Hills Memorial Park

Runs her beauty parlor

Rural mail carrier

Rusk Co. TX

S.C, York Co


Saguaro High School



San Diego

San Francisco (M.D.), Graduated Cooper Medical College

Sc. Bus Driver and Casino employee, Gov

School teacher and farmer

Scotland County Missouri, Memphis

Scotland County set off from Lewis County

Scotland, Dundee

Scotland, Glasgow


Scottland, Dumbartonshire

Scottsdale Community College

Searcy. Ar, Leslie

Second wife of William Cody Rush

secretary, store clerk, Homemaker


Served as physician at Nanchang & Tunki

Served in Legislature of Indiana 1836-1837

Served in the Spanish American War

Service station operator

She was a widow when she married George

Shelby Co. TN


Shop foreman for Carnegie Lumber Co

Singer, Guitar Player


Single man



So. Carolina

Social Security #: 045-12-2452

Social Security #: 104-10-4444

Social Security #: 450-14-3485

Soldier in Revolutionary War

Sonoma County

Sonoma, Professor at California State College

South Carolina, Camden

South Carolina, Charlaston

South Carolina, Charleston

South Carolina, Colleton County, Walterboro

South Carolina, District 96

South Carolina, Horry County, Myrtle Beach

South Carolina, Laurens County

South Carolina, Richland Co., Columbia

South Carolina, Spartanburg County, Pacolet

South Carolina, Spartanburg County, Spartanburg

South Carolina, Union County, Jonesville

South Carolina

South Dakota, Fourche

South Dakota, Lincoln Co., Fairview

South Korea, Seoul

Southern France

Sports editor for Star Bulletin in Honolulu


Springfield police officer

Staff sergeant US Army overseas WW II

Stagecoach driver at Cripple Creek

State of issue: CT

State of issue: NY

State of issue: TX



Stone Co. AR


Stopped briefly in Marysville & arrive in Napa Valley

Sullivan Co. Mo, Green City

Supposedly served on an Ulster County Committe of Safety during Rev. War

Supt. for Ohio Valley Paving Co

Sweden, Piteo, Nbt, Finnbacken

Sweeden, Torekov

Switzerland, Zollikofen



Taylor Co. TX

Teacher and High School Principal

Teacher of English and German


Tenn, Chatanooga

Tenn, Chattanooga

Tenn, Franklin Co., Winchester

Tenn, Gallatin

Tenn, Marion Co

Tenn, Memphis

Tenn, Nashville

Tenn, Rhea Co

Tenn, Smith Co., Family cem. on his farm

Tenn, Smith Co

Tenn, Winchester

Tennesse, Chattanooga

Tennessee (Franklin County), Winchester

Tennessee (Macon County), Jasper

Tennessee (Sumner County), Gallatin

Tennessee (Smith Co.), Dixon Springs(?)

Tennessee, Bradley Co

Tennessee, Bradley County

Tennessee, Campbell Co., Jellico

Tennessee, Cannon County

Tennessee, Chatanooga

Tennessee, Chattanooga

Tennessee, Clairborne Co., New Tazewell

Tennessee, Concord

Tennessee, Davidson Co, Nashville

Tennessee, Dekalb County

Tennessee, Gassaway

Tennessee, Hamilton

Tennessee, Hancock County

Tennessee, Hawkins County

Tennessee, Jefferson County

Tennessee, Jellico

Tennessee, Knox County

Tennessee, Knoxville

Tennessee, Lincoln County

Tennessee, Monroe Co

Tennessee, Pikeville

Tennessee, Polk Co, Benton

Tennessee, Polk Co

Tennessee, Polk County

Tennessee, Roane County, Kingston

Tennessee, Roane County

Tennessee, Rutherford Co

Tennessee, Rutherford County

Tennessee, Shelby Co., NAS Millington

Tennessee, Smith County

Tennessee, Smith Coutny

Tennessee, Smith or DeKalb County

Tennessee, Wilson Co

Tennessee, Winchester


Tex, Texarkansa

Texas (Bowie County), Texarkana

Texas (see note), Removed to Galveston Island

Texas Hospital, Smith Co., Tyler

Texas In Spring Of Year, Abilene

Texas, Abilene

Texas, Archer Co

Texas, Austin Co., Sealy

Texas, Austin

Texas, Baylor Co., Seymour

Texas, Bee Co., Beeville

Texas, Bexar Co, San Antonio

Texas, Bexar Co., San Antonio

Texas, Big Sandy

Texas, Big Springs

Texas, Bosque Co, Meridian City Cemetery

Texas, Bosque Co., Clifton

Texas, Bosque Co., Hanna Family Cemetery

Texas, Bosque Co., Walnut Springs, Oak Grove Cemetery

Texas, Bosque Co., Walnut Springs

Texas, Bosque Co

Texas, Bosque County

Texas, Bowie Co., DeKalb

Texas, Bowie County, Nash

Texas, Bowie County, Texarkana

Texas, Bowie County

Texas, Brazoria Co., Alvin

Texas, Brazoria Co., Angleton

Texas, Brazoria Co., Brazosport

Texas, Brazoria Co., Clute

Texas, Brazoria Co., Danbury

Texas, Brazoria Co., Freeport

Texas, Brazoria Co., Lake Jackson

Texas, Brazoria Co., Marvel

Texas, Brazoria Co., Sweeney

Texas, Brazoria Co., Sweeny

Texas, Brazoria Co., Velasco

Texas, Brazoria Co., West Columbia

Texas, Brazoria Co

Texas, Brooks Co., Falfurrias

Texas, Brown Co., Brownwood

Texas, Brownwood

Texas, Callahan Co., Cottonwood

Texas, Cameron Co, Brownsville

Texas, Camp Co., Pittsburg

Texas, Cherokee Co., Reese

Texas, College Station

Texas, Collin Co., Allen

Texas, Collin Co., McKinney

Texas, Collin County

Texas, Colorado County, Columbus

Texas, Coloroda Co., Weimar

Texas, Corpus Christi

Texas, Dallas Co, Dallas

Texas, Dallas Co, Garland

Texas, Dallas Co, Mesquite

Texas, Dallas Co., Dallas, Grove Hill Cemetery

Texas, Dallas Co., Grand Pairie

Texas, Dallas Co

Texas, Dallas

Texas, Dumas

Texas, East Bernard

Texas, Eastland

Texas, Edna

Texas, Edroy

Texas, El Paso

Texas, Ellis Co., Ennis

Texas, Ellis Co., Palmer

Texas, Erath Co, Stephenville

Texas, Erath Co., Dublin

Texas, Fisher Co., Rotan

Texas, Galveston Co, Galveston

Texas, Galveston Co, Texas City

Texas, Galveston Co., Galveston

Texas, Galveston Co., Near Texas City

Texas, Galveston Co., Santa Fe

Texas, Galveston Co., Texas City

Texas, Galveston

Texas, Gilmer

Texas, Gregg Co, Longview

Texas, Hardin Co., Kountz

Texas, Hardin Co., Sour Lake

Texas, Harris Co, Channelview

Texas, Harris Co, Houston

Texas, Harris Co., Clear Lake

Texas, Harris Co., Deer Park

Texas, Harris Co., Houston

Texas, Harris Co., Pasadena

Texas, Harris Co., Webster

Texas, Haskel

Texas, Hidalgo Co., McAllen

Texas, Hopkins Co, Cumby

Texas, Hopkins Co., Sulphur Springs

Texas, Hopkins Co

Texas, Houston

Texas, Hunt Co, Commerce

Texas, Hunt Co., Campbell

Texas, Hunt Co., Floyd

Texas, Hunt Co., Greenville

Texas, Huntsville

Texas, Irving

Texas, Jackson County, Edna

Texas, Jacksonville

Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont

Texas, Jefferson Co., Port Arthur

Texas, Jim Wells Co., Premont

Texas, Karnes Co., Kenedy

Texas, Kingsville

Texas, Knox Co., Johnson Cemetery

Texas, Knox Co., Knox City

Texas, Knox Co., Munday, Johnson Cemetery

Texas, Knox Co

Texas, Kyle

Texas, Leona

Texas, Liberty Co., Liberty

Texas, Live Oak Co., Three Rivers

Texas, Lubbock Co, Lubbock

Texas, Marshall

Texas, Matagorda Co., Bay City

Texas, Matagorda Co

Texas, May

Texas, McLennan Co., Waco

Texas, McLennon Co., Mart

Texas, Midland

Texas, Mission

Texas, Mitchell Co., Colorado City

Texas, Montgomery Co., Conroe

Texas, Montgomery Co., Splendora

Texas, Moulton

Texas, Nacogdoches Co., Nacogdoches

Texas, Nolan Co., Sweetwater

Texas, Odem

Texas, Orange

Texas, Ovilla

Texas, Paducah

Texas, Paris

Texas, Pecos

Texas, Perryton

Texas, Plano

Texas, Port Arthur

Texas, Reagan Co., Big Lake

Texas, Robstown

Texas, Round Rock

Texas, Rowlett

Texas, Rusk Co., Henderson

Texas, Rusk Co

Texas, Rusk County

Texas, San Marcos

Texas, Shackelford Co., Breckenridge

Texas, Sinton

Texas, Slaton

Texas, Smith Co, Tyler

Texas, Spring

Texas, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth

Texas, Texarkana

Texas, Texas City, Galveston County Memorial Cemetery

Texas, Titus Co., Mt Pleasant

Texas, Tom Green Co, San Angelo

Texas, Travis Co., Austin

Texas, Tuleta

Texas, Tyler

Texas, Upshur Co., Gilmer

Texas, Victoria

Texas, Waelder

Texas, Webb Co, Laredo

Texas, Wharton Co., Wharton

Texas, Wharton

Texas, Wichita Co., Wichita Falls

Texas, Wilbarger Co., Vernon

Texas, Williamson Co., Taylor

Texas, Wimberley

Texas, Winkler Co., Kermit

Texas, Wise Co., Bridgeport

Texas, Wood Co, Shady Grove Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co, Winnsboro, Lee Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Hawkins City Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Little Hope Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Little Hope Community

Texas, Wood Co., Near Ogburn Community

Texas, Wood Co., Ogburn Community

Texas, Wood Co., Peach Community

Texas, Wood Co., Pine Mills

Texas, Wood Co., Quitman

Texas, Wood Co., Sharon Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Smyrna Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Stout Family Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Winnsboro, Lee Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Winnsboro

Texas, Wood Co., Yantis

Texas, Wood Co

Texas, Wood County


The Falls

The Weekly Herald Weatherford Texas

Theological School, Berkeley, Graduated University of Calif

Tire builder for Goodyear

Tn, Adair Co

TN, Anderson

Tn, Bedford Co

Tn, Blount Co

Tn, Blount County

Tn, Bradley Co

Tn, Bradley, Cleveland

Tn, Cannon Co

Tn, Carter Co

TN, Cherokee Nation East

TN, Coffee Co

Tn, Davidson Co

Tn, Davidson County

Tn, Dekalb Co., Gassoway

Tn, Gibson Co

Tn, Giles County

TN, Hamilton Co

Tn, Hawkins Co

Tn, Hickman

TN, Knox Co

Tn, Knox, Knox City

Tn, Lawrence Co

Tn, Lawrence, Lawrenceburg

Tn, Lincoln County, Cane Creek

Tn, Marshall Co

Tn, Maury Co

Tn, McMinn Co., Etowah

Tn, McMinn Co

Tn, McMinn County

TN, McMinn Cty, Calhoun

Tn, Monroe Co., Rual Vale

Tn, Monroe Co

Tn, Monroe County

Tn, Monroe, Madisonville

Tn, Morgan County

TN, Overton Co

Tn, Parksville

Tn, Polk Co., Benton

Tn, Polk Co

Tn, Polk, Ducktown

Tn, Rhea Co

TN, Rhea Cty

Tn, Roane Co

TN, Roane Co

Tn, Roane Co

Tn, Roane County

TN, Roane

Tn, Rutherford Co

Tn, Sevier Co., Sevierville

Tn, Shelbyville

Tn, Smith Co

Tn, Sumner Co

TN, Warren Co

Tn, Washington Co., Jonesboro

Tn, Washington Co

Tn, White Co

Tn, White, Sparta

TN, White

Tn, Williamson County

Tn, Wilson Co

Tn, Wood Co



tomato factory worker, Homemaker


Trinidad & Tobego, Port of Spain

Truck and heavy equipment mechanic

Truck driver

Tucson AZ

Twin of Abigail

Twin Of Adah

Twin of Alma

Twin of Alva

Twin of Catherine June

Twin of David

Twin of Dollie

Twin of Donald

Twin of Ella

Twin of Frances

Twin of Franklin P

Twin of Jesse

Twin of John

Twin of Joshua

Twin of Julia

Twin of Lucy

Twin of Martha Jane

Twin of Mary

Twin of Nellie

Twin of Phyllis Ann

Twin of Ronald

Twin of Rufus King

Twin of Shirley Jean

Twin of Thomas

Twin of W. Russell


Tx, Bosque Co., Meridian City Cemetery

Tx, Bosque Co., Meridian

Tx, Bosque Co

Tx, Bowie Co., Baker Family Cemetary

Tx, Bowie Co., Red Lick Cemetery

Tx, Bowie Co., Texarcana

Tx, Bowie Co

Tx, Calhoun, Kamay

Tx, Cameron Co., Harlingen

Tx, Cass, Queen City

Tx, Centerville

Tx, Clay, Byers

Tx, Coke Co., Ft Chadbourne Cemetery

Tx, Coke Co., Ft Chadbourne

Tx, Comanche Co., Sipe Springs

TX, Comanche County, Sipe Springs

Tx, Coryell Co., Gatesville

Tx, Coryell Co

Tx, Crosby Co., Crosbyton

Tx, Dallas, Dallas

Tx, Dallas, Garland

TX, El Paso

Tx, Ellis

Tx, Ft Worth

TX, Galveston

Tx, Gatesville Coryell Co

Tx, Hall, Estilline

Tx, Hall, Newlin

Tx, Hamilton, Hamilton

Tx, Hamilton

Tx, Hardeman, Chillicothe

Tx, Haskell Co., O'Brian

Tx, Hidalgo, Donna

TX, Hopkins

TX, Houston

Tx, Kaufman Co

Tx, Knox, Benjamin

Tx, Knox, Rhyland

Tx, Lamb, Littlefield

Tx, Lamb, Spade

Tx, Leon Co

Tx, Lubbock, Lubbock

Tx, Lubbock, New Deal

Tx, Lubbock

TX, Marfa

Tx, Nolan Co

Tx, Nolan, Sweetwater

Tx, Parker Co., Poolville

Tx, Parker, Poolville Cemetery

Tx, Parker, Poolville

Tx, Parker, Springtown

Tx, Parker, Weatherford

Tx, Parker

Tx, Potter Co., Amarillo

Tx, Santo

Tx, Shady Grove

Tx, Smith Co

Tx, Springtown

Tx, Stonewall Co., Aspermont

TX, Sweeny

Tx, Tarrant Co., Hurst, Arwine Cemetery

Tx, Tarrant Co

Tx, Tarrant, Azle

Tx, Tarrant, Ft Worth

Tx, Terry, Brownfield

Tx, Texarcana

TX, Titus County, Mt. Pleasant

Tx, Tulare, Exeter

TX, Turkey

Tx, Upsher, Big Sandy

Tx, Upsher, Gilmer

Tx, Upsher, Pritchett

Tx, Upsher, Shady Grove

Tx, Upsher

TX, Ward County

TX, Wichita Falls

Tx, Wichita, Iowa Park

Tx, Wichita, Wichita Falls

Tx, Wise, Cottondale

Tx, Wood Co., Mineola

Tx, Wood Co

Tx, Young, Olney


U S Air Force WW II

U S Army Air Corps

U S Army

U S Marine Corps

U S Navy

U. S. Army

U. S. Navy on the Ticonderoga and FDR

U.C. Berkeley, B.L

Uncle Buggy

Uncle Frank, Pancho, Frank, Paco

Uncle Monk

Univ. of N.C. Chapel Hill, UCLA, UCSD


US Navy - Housewife - Minister

US Navy

USA, Guam

USA, North Carolina, Watauga, Boone

USC, Harbor College


UT, Gunnison

Utah, Cache Co., Logan

Utah, Morgan Co., Morgan

Utah, Ogden

Utah, Salt Lake City

Utah, Salt Lake Co., Salt Lake City

Utah, Weaver Co., Ogden

Utility Co Employee

V.P. of Operations for Davey Tree

VA, Albemarle County

Va, Bedford Co

VA, Bedford Co

Va, Bedford Co

Va, Brunswick Co

Va, Brunswick County

VA, Campbell Co

Va, Campbell Co

VA, Campbell Co

Va, Carroll County

VA, Chesapeake

Va, Cullpepper Co

Va, Cumberland

Va, Fairfax, Annandale

Va, Fairfax, Burke

Va, Fairfax, Fairfax Station

Va, Fairfax, Falls Church

Va, Fairfax

Va, Greensville Co

Va, Greensville County

Va, Greenville County

Va, Hamilton Co

Va, Hampton

Va, Henry Co

VA, Henry

Va, King William Co

Va, Loudoun Co

Va, Montgomery Co

Va, Newport News

Va, Norfolk Co

Va, Patrick County, Lambsburg

Va, Richmond

Va, Russell Co, Cowan's Fort

Va, Surry Co

Va, Va. Beach, Rosewood Mem. Cemetery

Va, Virginia Beach


Valhalla Cemetery I Block section 11404 lots 5+6

Valhalla Cemetery

Van DeCamps Stockperson

Vermont, Middlebury



via the Isthmus, Texas, Removed to Collin County

Viet Nam



Virginia, Alexandria

Virginia, Amelia

Virginia, Amherst County

Virginia, Arlington

Virginia, Augusta Co

Virginia, Augusta County

Virginia, Berkeley Co., Fredricks Co. or Sleepy Creek

Virginia, Berkeley Co

Virginia, Carroll County

Virginia, Culpepper Co

Virginia, Culpepper County

Virginia, Culpepper

Virginia, Essex County

Virginia, Essex

Virginia, Fairfax Co., Fairfax

Virginia, Fairfax

Virginia, Fluvanna County

Virginia, Fredricks Co

Virginia, Grayson County

Virginia, Hampshire County

Virginia, Hardy Co

Virginia, Hardy

Virginia, Isle of Wight County

Virginia, Jefferson

Virginia, Lee County, Blackwater

Virginia, Lee County

Virginia, Lunenburg County

Virginia, Martinsburg

Virginia, Montgomery County

Virginia, Montgomery

Virginia, Nelson County

Virginia, Norfolk

Virginia, Northumberland

Virginia, Ohio Co., Wheeling

Virginia, Old Rappahannock County

Virginia, Portmouth

Virginia, Portsmouth

Virginia, Prince George County

Virginia, Quanico

Virginia, Richmond

Virginia, Russell County, Glade Hollow

Virginia, Russell County

Virginia, Scott County, Flag Pond

Virginia, Scott County, Pattonsville

Virginia, Scott County

Virginia, Shenandoah County

Virginia, Southhampton County

Virginia, Spottsylvania County

Virginia, Stafford County

Virginia, Tyler

Virginia, Washington Co

Virginia, Washington County, Sproles Campground

Virginia, Washington County

Virginia, West Virginia or Berkely County, Morgan County

Virginia, Westmoreland County

Virginia, Winchester

Virginia, Wirt

Virginia, Wythe County


Visited China in 1990's with daughter & died

Vol, 40th Illinois, Civil War-Co. E

Vol, 40th Illinois, Civil War-Sargeant in Co. E

W. Virginia by a sister, Proctor, Buried in Mt. Olive Cem


Wa, Benton, Richland

WA, CO., Thurston, Tumwater, Masonic Memorial Park Cemetary

WA, Tacoma

WA, Thurston Co, Tumwater

WA, Thurston Co., Tumwater

Wa, Yakima, Yakima


War of 1812

Warrant Officer US Coast Guard

Was a Md

Was a medical doctor

Was a Methodist minister

Was a PH'd in Natural History

Was a Registered Nurse

Was a Single man

Was a Single Woman

Was a teacher

Was adopted by Rodney and Frances

Was in Capt. Wm. Crawford's Company in 1793

Wash, Pierce Co., Tacoma

Washington (King County), Seattle

Washington Co. (?) Virginia

Washington D. C

Washington D.C

Washington DC

Washington Grade School

Washington, Benton Co., Kennewick

Washington, Benton Co., Richland

Washington, Bremerton

Washington, Buried in Edmonds

Washington, Chelan Co., East Wenctchie

Washington, Colfax

Washington, Coulee Dam

Washington, Edmonds

Washington, Ellensburg

Washington, Grant Co., Moses Lake

Washington, King Co., Auburn

Washington, King Co., Bellevue

Washington, King Co., Federal Way

Washington, King Co., Kent

Washington, King Co., Renton

Washington, King Co., Seattle

Washington, Kitsap Co., Bremerton

Washington, Kitsap, Bremerton

Washington, Kittitas Co., Ellensburg

Washington, Longview

Washington, Mason Co., Bremerton

Washington, North Yakima

Washington, Pierce Co., Lakewood

Washington, Pierce Co., Puyallup

Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma

Washington, Poulsbo

Washington, Principal of a High School in Olympia

Washington, Seattle King Co

Washington, Seattle

Washington, Shelton

Washington, Skagit Co., Burlington

Washington, Skagit Co., Hamilton

Washington, Skagit Co., La Conner

Washington, Skagit Co., Lyman

Washington, Skagit Co., Mt. Vernon

Washington, Skagit Co., Sedro Woolley

Washington, Skagit Co

Washington, Snohomish Co., Darrington

Washington, Snohomish Co., Everett

Washington, Snohomish Co., Machias

Washington, Snohomish Co., Snohomish

Washington, Snohomish

Washington, Spokane Co., Spokane

Washington, Stevens Co., Chewileh

Washington, Tacoma

Washington, Thurston Co., Olympia

Washington, Thurston Co., Roy

Washington, Vail

Washington, Walla Walla

Washington, Wallula

Washington, Wenstachie

Washington, Whatcom Co., Bellingham

Washington, Yakima Co., Toppenish

Washington, Yakima, Mabton

Washington, Yakima


Watchman for Carlson Currier Silk Co. 20yrs

Wayne Feed and Grain

Weaver and farmer


Welder Boilier Maker for Santa Fe Railroad


Went by the name "Bill"

West German, Landstuhl

West Germany, Bavaria, Nuremberg

West Germany, Landstuhl

West Virgina, Tyler Co., Alma

West Virgina, Williamstown, Buried at Riverview Cem

West Virginia, Berkeley Co., Martinsburg

West Virginia, Berkeley Co

West Virginia, Berkeley

West Virginia, Berkely Co

West Virginia, Berkley Co

West Virginia, Blandville

West Virginia, Calhoun Co., Big Bend

West Virginia, Calhoun Co., Five Forks

West Virginia, Calhoun Co., Grantsville

West Virginia, Calhoun Co., Mt. Zion

West Virginia, Calhoun Co

West Virginia, Charleston

West Virginia, Clarksburg

West Virginia, Fayette Co

West Virginia, Kanawha Falls

West Virginia, Lumberport

West Virginia, Marion Co

West Virginia, Morgan Co

West Virginia, New Martinsville

West Virginia, Ohio Co., Wheeling

West Virginia, Puerto Rico

West Virginia, Reynoldsville

West Virginia, Ritchie Co

West Virginia, Ritchie County

West Virginia, St. Marys

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Alma

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Big Run

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Buried at Springhill Cem

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Frew

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Joseph Mills

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Josephs Mills

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Middlebourne

West Virginia, Tyler Co., North Bend

West Virginia, Tyler Co., Wick

West Virginia, Tyler Co

West Virginia, Tyler

West Virginia, Viola

West Virginia, Wetzel Co., Hundred, Buried in Sancho Cem

West Virginia, Wetzel Co., Hundred

West Virginia, Wetzel Co., New Martinsville

West Virginia, Wetzel Co., Ohio River

West Virginia, Wetzel Co

West Virginia, Wheeling, Buried in Mt. Zion Cem

West Virginia, Wheeling

West Virginia, Wood Co., Parkersburg

West Virginia, Wood Co., Slate

West Virginia, Wood Co., Vienna

West Virginia, Wood Co

West Virginia

western China, Went to Tzechung


WI, Milwaukee




Wisconsin, Brown Co., Green Bay

Wisconsin, Kenosha Co., Kenosha

Wisconsin, Menominie

Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Wisconsin, Oconomowoc

Wisconsin, Oconto Co., Chase Twp., Pulaski

Wisconsin, Oconton Co., Ocont Falls

Wisconsin, Oneida

Wisconsin, Outagamie Co., Appleton

Wisconsin, Outagamine Co., Appleton

Wisconsin, Price Co., Elktown

Wisconsin, Sturgeon Bay


Wiscousin, Brown Co., Green Bay

Work on the Ohio River

Worked as a machinist in New Orleans

Worked at Ball Corp

Worked at Powhatan Mining Co

Worked for the railroad as Signalman

World War I, U S Navy

World War I

World War II, Battle Of Luzon

Wounded at Shiloh, Civil War- 2nd LT. in 32th Infantry Illinois Volunteers

Wrote the "Unwritten History of Kiskiminetas Valley"

Wrote will (see notes)

Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart

WW I Navy

WW I served in France


WW II, U. S. Marine Corps

WW II, U. S. Navy


WW l and WW ll

WW ll and Korean War

WWII, AAF Base Unit, Squadron E, 8th Air Force

Wyoming, Douglas

Wyoming, Lncoln Co., Kemmerer

Year born may be 1754

Year of immigration to US

Yugoslavia, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Ragusa



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