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The known family tree of the Abernathy, Edwards, Hopper, McCurry, Shurtz and Stuard families

The McCurry Family, circa 1912-1915
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Photo of the McCurry Family, circa 1907

Back Row: Lucy Nevada McCurry Edwards, Homer Harrison McCurry, Howard McCurry, William Milton Pierce McCurry, Francis Kizziar McCurry Watson, Rosa Rebeca McCurry Watson Hunter, Nancy Virginia McCurry.
Middle Row: Mary Marilla McCurry, Barbara Ellen McCurry, Henry Wilson McCurry.
Front Row: Robert Marcellus McCurry, Samuel Pierece McCurry, Mary Jane Bonner McCurry

A scoundrel turned sheriff, a semi-notable and a President of the United States. Those are but 3 of the many names you will find in my family. Here you will find pictures, links and other information about the Hopper, Abernathy, McCurry, Early, Stuard and Shurtz families.

My parents, Martin Hopper & Darlene Abernathy were married November 6, 1954 in Ponca City, OK. I am the oldest of their 3 children.


My father, Martin Hopper is from Oklahoma. We can trace his family to the old Cherokee Nation before the Trail of Tears. You can learn about Houston B. Teehee, whose signature appears on the 1895 series US Currency and Zeke Proctor (Larry McMurtry, author of “Lonesome Dove”, also co-authored Zeke & Ned). I am related to both.

When Oklahoma was admitted to the union in 1907 it was still very raw and unsettled. My father was born in Oklahoma City on February 18, 1930. At the time of his birth, Oklahoma had a population of less than 2.4 million people and Oklahoma City only about 390,000 people. He is the first child of Ruby McCurry and Martin Hopper, although my grandfather had four other children by a previous marriage and Martin & Ruby had a daughter, Dona Kay later. An economy largely based on oil at the time, Oklahoma was also home to several Native American tribes including a large population of Cherokees of which we are members. Lydia Teehee, my Great-Great-Grandmother was born in the old Cherokee Nation and relocated to Oklahoma on the infamous Trail of Tears. I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian and a registered member of the tribe. One of Lydia's brothers Stephen B.Teehee, was father to Houston B. Teehee. Houston Teehee was Registrar of the Treasury and his signature appearson the 1895 Series United States Currency. Lydia's mother, Margaret Proctor was sister to Zeke Proctor, made famous in the Larry McMurtry/Diana Ossana book Zeke & Ned.

Through the marriage of Marcellus C. McCurry to Barbara Ann Tutt, I am related to Harry S. Truman. President Truman is my 5th cousin 5 times removed and we share a common Grandfather, Mott Doniphan. He is my 9th Great Grandfather and we can trace that line back to Staffron Walden,Esses, England in 1620.

Who I'm looking for; McCurry, Bonner, Terrel, Edwards, Fincher, Black, Ward, Tutt, Howard, Crank & Calloway


My mother, Darlene Mae Abernathy, was born in Arkansas City, KS on May 21, 1932. She is the third child of Homer Abernathy and Jeanette Early. Arkansas City is a small town located in Southeast Kansas, approximately 50 miles south of Wichita, and about seven miles north of the Kansas-Oklahoma border. Ark City was primarily a stop on the Union Pacific Railroad and its only claim to fame was that of being one of the starting points for the Great Oklahoma Land Rush. The Abernathy family appears to have immigrated into the United States from Canada about 1850 eventually ending up in Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.

My mother’s mothers family can be traced back to Germany sometime before 1647. Her 6th great grandfather, Jacob Ulm, immigrated to the United States (the colonies at the time) in about 1700. If your last name is Ulm, Ullom, Ullum, Woolam, Woollem or any one of a number of different spellings, we are probably related.

Who I'm looking for; Abernathy, Battles, Leach, Little/Littel, Early, Dillon, Parker, Ullom, Conley, Fisher, Leach, Smith, Atchison, Jackson & Smirls.


Edgar & Gertrude Kimes Stuard and Children

Left to Right: Virginia Stuard, Bertha (Babe) Stuard, Wanda Stuard, Orville Stuard, Gertrude Kimes Stuard, Lola Stuard, Max Stuard, Clarence Lee Stuard, Edgar Stuard, Don Stuard

My mothers step-brother and sisters are descended from the Stuard and Schurtz families and family legend has that they are related to Davey Crockett through their 2nd great mother Lovicey Crockett although I have not yet been able to prove that connection.

Who I'm looking for; Stuard, Shurtz, Scott, Kimes, Woodsides, Poteet, Quinn & Crockett

All of these people make for great stories to pass on to the next generations.

Click here to see my virtual cemetary on findagrave. If you know where a relative is buried please send me the information so I can add it.

I am currently searching for information on the following surnames; BONNER, TERRELL, EDWARDS, WARD, FINCHER,CRANK, CALLOWAY, ABERNATHY, WRIGHT, CONLEY, BATTLES, FISHER, LEACH, SMITH, LITTLE/LITTELL, ATCHINSON, SMIRLS, EARLY, DILLON, DUFFY, PARKER, BOWEN, HILL, REESE, ANDRUS & BLACK. If you have information, pictures or documents please contact me. I am on always on the lookout for more. If I have made a mistake, let me know so I can correct it.

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David Hopper
September, 2010